Quickly search for all your users

  • Quickly search for all your users
  • Get a holistic view of all the actions taken for and by a user thanks to Story timeline
  • Filter and browse the timeline to get the full context about a user


Stories gathers all the actions taken for and by a user on a timeline, so your teams can understand what is going on and take action in the right direction.

About Stories

Stories helps you index and visualize user data so you can better understand your user, inform decision-making processes, and focus on what really matters. Stories gives you a definitive way to check in and very quickly learn everything a user has done on your platform. Stories tracks all actions taken for and by your users whether it be with through your product (server, website or mobile app) or through all the business tools you use.

With Aircall

Visualize all Aircall events within a user story. The Stories-Aircall native integration will bring all your users' telephony activity into their own story.


Visualize the entire user journey and get a 360-degree view for each user; all the actions taken for and by a user are gathered on a timeline. Stories indexes user events across all your company’s tools so you can more easily find what you’re looking for using just a name or an email address.

Customer success and support teams: Easily put yourself in your user’s shoes to provide better and more efficient customer support.

Developers: Experience the ease of diagnosing issues during development.

Product Managers: Understand how users experience your product.

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