Brand Platform

Happy to see you here! Dive into Aircall's brand assets, press kits, guidelines and everything you might need.
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At Aircall, we believe that clear and compassionate communication has the 
ability to make a difference.

Our 100% cloud-based phone solution was built for you. The ease of use empowers your teams to have better conversations - in business, and beyond.


Aircall’s brand was created by a highly driven team in a collaborative environment. We’re sharing our story with you to share the love we have for our brand and our company.

You can read everything about our foundations here.

Aircall's Brand Book

Here you can read our story, our beliefs, and our ambition — yes, they are pretty wide!

Aircall's Design Guide

More technical than the Brand Book, these guidelines are intended for visual creators. They're compre-hensive directions for choosing our color palettes, fonts, illustrations, and more.

Aircall’s Video Guide

Implemented a variety of guidelines for subtitles, logo usage in video, low thirds, intro and outro animations to maintain consistency between our productions.


Our personality shines through our vivid palette and bright usage of white space.

Primary color

Aircall Official Green

Our primary color is green – the color of incoming calls. We use it for our main elements and when focusing on brand awareness.

Secondary colors

Use these colors in tandem with Aircall Official Green for secondary elements, or to emphasize chapters, topics, etc. 
Mix them with care, and don't forget to add white space, 
to make them breathe!






Grounding Greys

We want our personality colors to breathe and not overwhelm the entire design. 
This is why we use a solid foundation of white and shades of grey to create backgrounds and more subtle elements.


Different reading contexts might require different colored text. It helps our messages look balanced on screen and set a clear reading order for the eyes.

Hello there, this is a Title.

Look at me, I’m a paragraph and there’s a lot of me! Better to look softer not to attack your eyes!

On darker shades white text definitely looks better.