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We've created a central hub for sales professionals with everything in our knowledge library that will make your working life easier, enable your team to not only achieve the goals you set, but to exceed them, and create training opportunities to support the learning and career development of you and your team.

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Management, Career Development & Onboarding

Give your career, as well as your employees the right boost.

Everything you need to know about leadership in sales, management strategies, as well as onboarding materials for new team members and resources that are essential for training in sales.

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Effective Sales Onboarding: Your Secret to Increasing Retention + Engagement

Employee engagement is more than just getting things done—it’s identifying with what you do. As a business owner, you need to create an environment where there is meaning behind the tasks your employees do.

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Operations Managements

8 Calendar Management Strategies Sales and Support Leaders Swear By

Google Calendar just keeps getting better. The search giant is rolling out a new feature that analyses how much time users spend in meetings each week.

Operations Management

Streamlining Operations Management Through Communication + Automation

It’s one thing to have a lot of employees and revenue, but it’s another to have operations management that enables optimum efficiency.


10 Sales Books That Will Help You Reach Your Professional Development Goals

Beyond hitting your sales goals, focusing on professional development is key to growing your career.

Selling Tips & Best Practices

Here we have practical tips from our own sales team on successful cold calling, managing the calendar (after all, customer appointments can quickly become confusing) and a whole bunch more.

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Customer Stories

Aircall Helps SumUp Increase Outbound Calling by 30%

Since launching in 2012, Berlin-based SumUp has revolutionized payments for SMEs and self-employed professionals. By providing a mobile and easy-to-use payment card reader, as well as a transparent and flexible cost structure, they’ve helped small enterprises scale effectively.


The Verdict Is In for Sales: The Mobile-First Approach Is Here to Stay

The first thing people do when they wake up? Grab their cell phone. From checking texts and emails to scrolling through social media feeds, phones help people stay connected to the world around them.


10 Best Practices to Improve Your Sales Prospecting Plan

How would you describe your current sales prospecting plan? Is it an old-school numbers game, or are you working with a strategic sales prospecting plan?

Strategy & Budgeting

Take your sales strategy to the next level. Here’s some practical materials and templates that you’ll find very useful.

Customer Experience

Struggling to Increase Sales? It is Time to Focus on the Customer Experience

If you are struggling to increase sales in your company, it may be time to take a closer look at your existing customers experience to see how they interact with business.


Sales Strategy Planning: Step By Step Guide

Sales strategy planning can help you meet both short- and long-term sales targets, carrying you through the first 90 days and beyond to successfully achieve your overall business goals.


How We Created the Best Sales Compensation Model

The best product or service in the world will never get off the ground without a high-performance sales team to close its deals.

Digital Tools & Workflows

Without the use of digital tools, our time can quickly become filled with manual admin.

This selection of digital tools and workflows illustrate what best practice collaboration looks like and how existing processes can become more streamlined.

Operations Management

How to Choose the Best VoIP Provider for Your Business Needs

Once your business has decided to move away from traditional phone services, the search for the best VoIP provider becomes a critical step in modernizing the way your team communicates.

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Customer Stories

How Plecto Sales Reps Increase Productivity By Using Aircall

Collecting, organizing and arranging data across multiple systems into actionable reports can be a difficult task for some companies.


Cold Calling Tips: Your Guide to Successful Cold Calling

When you search “cold calling guide” on Google, you see 116,000,000 results. Cold calling, it turns out, is not dead.

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