Click to Dial

Reduce your team’s dialing and ramp up your productivity. Aircall’s click to dial feature will save your team seconds on every call, allowing you to dial faster and work more efficiently.

Every second counts

When it comes to calling prospects and solving customer support tickets over the phone, we know that time is precious. Aircall’s click to dial feature is just one of many time-saving features that our customers enjoy.

Dial in a single click

Just click to call any number in the Aircall app. Whether you're browsing a prospect’s website or a customer’s email signature, you can click to dial and save yourself seconds on every call.

Give your team time back

All those seconds add up. Combine click to dial with our other time-saving features and allow your agents to spend more time selling to prospects and solving customer issues.

Focus on what matters

Spend less time toggling between screens to dial numbers and more time contextualizing calls to build important relationships.

Hear it from our customers!

Thousands of companies trust Aircall's click to dial feature to save their sales and support teams time and focus on customer satisfaction.

“It takes a single click to dial, which makes it incredibly efficient for our customer support representatives to reach out.”

Trusted by 15,000+ companies

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Use Click-to-Dial with your Aircall app

Aircall’s Click-to-Dial feature is available through seamless browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Follow these easy steps to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is click-to-call?

    Click-to-call, also known as click-to-dial, is an Aircall feature that automatically detects phone numbers displayed on a web page. All numbers can be identified, including those on a website, Google search page, in an email, or even from a video.

    Once the feature is enabled, your employees can simply click on the phone number they want to call. Thanks to click-to-dial, the number is automatically opened within your computer telephony integration (CTI) software . They can then call the person directly, without having to manually dial or copy and paste the phone number.

  • What are the benefits of click-to-dial?

    The biggest advantages of click-to-dial are time-saving and efficiency. Teams managing customer support or sales reps no longer need to dial phone numbers manually, which eliminates user errors. All that’s needed is a single click to call customers and prospects anywhere in the world.

    Since click-to-dial does not require physical phones, it also saves hardware costs. Desk phones are made obsolete, and softphones can be used instead; specialized call center software which is installed on your existing smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

    The click-to-call feature also removes the need to switch between screens and apps. This both reduces call handling time and increases call volume. Since agents have more time available to focus on providing outstanding support, customer satisfaction rises too.

  • How do you make a phone number clickable?

    The click-to-call feature will automatically detect and highlight (in green) numbers on published web pages for you. In some cases, you may see a green phone icon appear next to a numerical field or hyperlink that contains a phone number. When clicked, the call is initiated immediately from your device over VoIP.

    Phone numbers (international and local) are automatically detected within the international calling format set by the default country code as defined in your Aircall app.

    Aircall’s click-to-call feature also allows you to manually dial a phone number from a web page. For more information, read our handy click-to-dial guide here.

    When it comes to calling prospects and solving customer support tickets over the phone, we know that time is precious. Aircall’s click-to-dial feature is just one of many time-saving features that help our customers focus on what’s really important; keeping their customers happy.

  • How does click-to-dial work?

    To use click-to-call, you need to install an extension to your browser. This extension, once installed, automatically recognizes phone numbers that appear on the screen. Users can then click on those numbers to open them in a dedicated application, and call them from there.

    The click-to-dial functionality must be associated with a CTI. With Aircall’s CTI, which runs over VoIP, you no longer need a physical telephone like a desk phone. Calls are launched directly in the application and are transmitted over the internet rather than through traditional telephone wires.

  • How do I make a call from a website?

    The click-to-call functionality requires installation of Aircall’s CTI and Google Chrome extension. This is done in just a few seconds and does not require any specialist know-how. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use Aircall’s click-to-dial feature.

    Each agent on your team must then download the click-to-dial extension on their web browser. Once the extension is enabled, all numbers identified on the web page by the software are highlighted in green. They can be clicked individually to initiate calls or collectively if you want to start the calls one after the other through dialer software such as Aircall’s Power Dialer, built within the Aircall CTI.

    If necessary, your agents can also disable automatic detection of numbers on websites of their choice or configure the default international dialing code to suit their outbound calling needs.

Ready to enable click to dial for your team?

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