Call Routing

Map out the most effective route to satisfying conversations with Aircall’s call routing software functionality. Set up advanced call routing for your business with a modern business phone solution.

An intelligent call routing system

Aircall’s business phone system comes stocked with advanced call routing features designed to help your business succeed.

Call cascading

Automatically direct calls to agents in a pre-set order. Set your preferred call routing sequence and forget it.

Customized call routing

When call cascading is turned on, each teammate's phone will be called in the specified order. Once the call is answered, no additional numbers will ring.

Make your own routing rules

Set up call routing rules based on fit, availability, or any other variable. You can always update assignments in real-time from the Aircall dashboard.

Just listen to our customers!

8,000+ companies trust Aircall's call routing software to seamlessly manage prospect and customer conversations.

"Because it’s such an intuitive platform, it’s much easier to make changes on the fly. Creating selections on the IVR, adding users, activating numbers, onboarding people…that stuff has made it easy to manage the whole system."

Trusted by 15,000+ companies

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Learn more about call routing with Aircall

It's easy to route calls to specific teams that you set up in Aircall. Here's how...

More features like call routing

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is call routing?

    Call routing places incoming calls in a queue, then automatically routes them to a specific person or department. You can preselect the criteria for call routing such as business hours and cascading order of customer care agents. The feature reduces the number of missed calls and makes sure the most suitable service agent tends to the call.

    Routing calls involves setting the following criteria:

    - Establishing your business hours
    - Determining which messages to enable so customers can leave a voicemail or call back
    - Assigning users and/or teams to call distribution
    - Setting up the sequence in which you want agents to receive calls (e.g. to a senior sales rep first, thento a general sales hotline)
    - Setting ring rules
    - Setting forward-to-device

    For a closer look at call routing and the different call distribution criteria, check out this article on our Knowledge Base.

  • What types of call routing options are there?

    With Aircall, call routing is based on the following distribution criteria:

    - Operational availability
    - Routing principles & logic
    - Ringing rules

    You can learn more about the details of how call routing works at Aircall on our Help Center. You can also sign up for a demo to talk with an Aircall representative about your options.

  • How are calls routed in VoIP?

    With Aircall, all calls route over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). As the audio travels over broadband internet instead of traditional telephone wires, VoIP makes it possible to modify your call routing and distribution through the cloud. With Aircall’s cloud-based phone software, you can modify your call routing structure through our web or mobile application:

    A built-in call routing system is hosted on our cloud-based platform. Through Aircall's application, you can begin your call routing setup by:

    - Choosing the number you want to apply call routing to
    - Setting your business hours
    - Customizing your waiting music and voicemail messages people to teams
    - Setting up the cascade order of which agents or teams will receive the calls first
    - Defining the ring rules

Ready for better call routing software?

Sign up for a demo of Aircall to explore advanced call routing for your business.

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