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Pipedrive Integrate your phone system with Pipedrive and delve deeper into client conversion and satisfaction. This integration automatically syncs all your phone data in Pipedrive (recordings, notes, new contacts, tickets & more). Salesforce Connect Aircall to Salesforce in one click. Make and receive phone calls directly from your Aircall app within Salesforce. Zendesk Start making and receiving your calls directly from Zendesk. Automatically create tickets and match your incoming calls to your existing customer records. Front Connect Aircall to Front in order to automatically log all incoming calls into the inbox of your choice (including their recording if you’d like to). Intercom Integrate Aircall and Intercom to improve your agent efficiency and make your customers happier. Aircall will display all your phone calls directly in the right customer tickets and keep all your records up to date. Zapier Connect Aircall to any third-party software to automate your workflows. Our Zapier integrations allows you to do that in just a few clicks. Zoho Your call center software instantly integrated into Zoho. Log your calls, follow-up as a team and increase your customer satisfaction. Desk Integrate Aircall to and instantly identify who is calling you. Capture key information to deliver the best customer experience. Helpscout Connect Aircall to Help Scout and have all your call information saved in Help Scout. No need to enter manual data, everything is synchronized automatically. HubSpot The HubSpot phone integration with Aircall allows you to connect all your call information into HubSpot. Surface all caller data during a call and save it into your client records instantly. Freshdesk Connect Aircall to Freshdesk and integrate your phone lines with the rest of your support channels. Slack Create channels to gather all your call information directly in Slack. Just choose the events you want to push in Slack and Aircall will do it. Kustomer Integrate Aircall & Kustomer to have your helpdesk and phone calls all in one place. Streamline your workflow and increase agent productivity. Gorgias Save all your calls in Gorgias and make your support agents even more productive! PieSync Connect Aircall to PieSync to automatically sync all your contacts with your business tools. Re:amaze Save all your calls in Re:amaze and make your support agents even more productive! Planhat Make and receive phone calls from Planhat, log interactions and let your customer success team focus on your customers. Microsoft Dynamics The Microsoft Dynamics Aircall integration empowers your sales and customer support representatives to add data and context to their phone conversations. Shopify Integrate Aircall to Shopify and get contextual data on your customer while on the phone. Order information is instantly displayed in the Aircall app. Copper Integrate Aircall cloud-based phone system with Copper CRM in just a few clicks. Streamline workflow and save time. Access the caller’s Person record as soon as the phone rings, and automatically log calls in Copper. Integrate Aircall & to automatically log call activity in Keep track of your call activity in

Computer telephony integration (CTI) improves the quality of your support

CTI is a 1-click integration allowing businesses to integrate Aircall with your CRM or Helpdesk. With screen pop capabilities you’ll have all of your customer information instantly when receiving calls and to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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