Scale your real estate sales team thanks to healthy data.

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Line up your contacts for a non-interrupted call section with REISift & Aircall
Line up your contacts for a non-interrupted call section with REISift & Aircall
Choose a phone record and call the prospect right inside your REISift account, allowing your team members to work through data more efficiently.
Keep tabs of your call activity with a historical activity tracking.

We help real estate investors scale their sales and marketing through healthy data management, proper sales focus, and business/team accountability. Find motivated leads that are getting left behind, stop pursuing bad prospects, and make every marketing dollar count.

With a variety of tools like task management, list stacking, vacancy checks, integrations, direct mail, skip tracing, advanced data filtering, and click-to-call capabilities, you can master your data and grow your business. Our software is built specifically for real estate investors who want to build scalable businesses through clear-cut systems and processes.

REISift & Aircall: key benefits

Upload & Clean Property Records

Upload your list with a single click. While your data is uploading, our software will filter out incomplete records, run records through USPS to normalize, and remove duplicates. That means less time spent cleaning up spreadsheets and more time growing your business.

Organize Your Records For Marketing Success

Your marketing is only as effective as your data allows. With REISift, you can improve list hygiene for more targeted marketing campaigns. Organize and filter your data so it’s worthy of your marketing budget.

Export & Market

Export your list and launch your marketing campaign. With clean and detailed data, you can throw your marketing shurikens with deadly aim. You’ll no longer waste money re-skipping bad records, calling lost prospects, or sending multiple mailers to duplicate owners.


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