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Connect Aircall with to turn conversations into actionable customer data—stored, organized, and leveraged all from

Made by users benefit from high-quality inbound and outbound calling using a modern cloud phone solution. users benefit from high-quality inbound and outbound calling using a modern cloud phone solution.
View and manage all contact details in one click, including activities, emails, and more.
Get a clear snapshot of deal status with a visual pipeline, and close deals faster with customizable quotes.
Take advantage of real-time tracking and reporting to make data-driven decisions, and ensure you never miss a deal again.

Aircall is the first phone solution to integrate with, a customizable work management platform that unites teams, data, and projects.

In, teams can create workspaces and workflows tailored to their specific needs without coding and without IT assistance. Aircall logs calls into these workspaces automatically, enabling teams to track and leverage call data from a single source of truth. No matter what you need to manage—sales pipelines, support tickets, project timelines, or marketing campaigns—Aircall’s integration turns conversations into actionable customer data.

Aircall +

Aircall provides the perfect phone solution for capturing data, and sorts that data within bespoke, intelligent workspaces. It’s the perfect combination: automate workflows, personalize conversations, and work faster—with fewer headaches.

Work Smarter with Automations

Collect valuable call data—contact information, call recordings, tags, notes, and more—and use that data to trigger custom automations. Set up monday automations to send follow-ups, create new tickets, or move tasks between workspaces without lifting a finger.

Start Your Calls with Context

Take calls prepared, with all the information you need to make conversations count. Inbound calls surface a card in the Aircall phone that contains essential data, helping teams personalize conversations and elevate the customer experience in seconds—no prep required.

Instant, Actionable Customer Data

Whether working on deals, tickets, or campaigns, Aircall and organize conversations to keep teams on track. Users can tag calls in their phone, and admins can select those tags in for an instant snapshot of all associated calls.

Simple, Secure Installation

Install the integration from the Aircall App Marketplace in minutes, then get started. Fast, secure, and guaranteed to optimize teams’ workflows.


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