Unlock conversation intelligence with Aircall AI 

Unlock conversation intelligence with Aircall AI 

Drive sales and customer support results with AI-powered team coaching and business intelligence. 

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Review calls twice as fast

Review calls twice as fast

Understand a conversation in seconds with AI-generated call summaries and key topics. Save time scrubbing through calls and spend it upskilling your team.

Focus on the calls that matter

Focus on the calls that matter

Surface calls that teach you more about your customers. Search for keywords and phrases relevant to your business, and cut through the noise. 

Learn what customers care about

Learn what customers care about

See the volume of keyword mentions across calls to understand customers’ priorities. Visualize conversation trends for deeper business intelligence. 

AI for smarter sales

and smoother support

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Convert prospects with 
winning sales calls

Ensure sales calls are engaging, balanced, and effective. Review pitches faster and coach sales reps to drive calls that convert.

Turn support calls into 
customer loyalty

Discover common points of friction in support calls. Coach agents to deliver seamless customer experiences that consistently boost CSAT.

Gain control over your call 
review process

Focus on the words that matter. Search across all calls for key terms and phrases and pinpoint moments that need a deeper review.

Coach your team with 
more context

Train agents with a clear understanding of past performance, so you can focus on developing the right skills. Drive CSAT and conversion over time as teams have more meaningful conversations.

Discover hidden value in your calls

Level up team performance and business intelligence 
with a range of AI-powered features.


Call Summaries

Instantly grasp the essence of a conversation, ensuring vital takeaways are never missed.

Key Topic


Swiftly identify and categorize key 
discussion points for faster decision-making.



Understand speaker dynamics and caller engagement levels to enhance team performance.

Call & Voicemail


Review calls faster and identify coachable moments to unlock efficiencies and performance.


Text Search

Search for keywords and phrases across calls to better understand your customer conversations.

Call Summary

CRM Logging

Log AI-generated insights in your CRM or help desk for deeper call context on deals and tickets.

Sentiment Analysis

Detect customers’ sentiments during calls to foster more meaningful, positive interactions.

coming soon

Trending Topics

Visualize conversation trends across calls for deeper business intelligence.

Ready to level up with Aircall AI?

    Aircall AI


    per month, applied on all Aircall licenses
    • Call Summaries

    • CRM Logging

    • Key Topic Recognition

    • Talk-to-Listen Ratios

    • Text Search

    • Sentiment Analysis

    • Trending Topics COMING SOON

    Supported Transcription Languages

    Aircall AI is currently available in English, French, Spanish, and German.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Aircall AI uses generative AI to produce text, such as call summaries, based on dialogue between two speakers.

    This innovative technology can unlock value for Sales and Support Managers who want to review calls faster, enable efficient team coaching, and drive CSAT and conversion with enhanced agent performance.

    Aircall AI is currently available for calls made in English, but it can be purchased by customers in any country. We look forward to adding additional languages, and we will prioritize new languages for Aircall AI based on customer demand.

    No. Your call data, including recordings and transcripts, are protected and not provided to any third parties outside of Aircall or used to train any internal or third-party AI models.

    Aircall AI is available at the price listed above, with the cost applied to all Aircall licenses. This means that the number of Aircall AI licenses provisioned will be equal to the number of standard Aircall licenses on your account. There are no additional usage fees based on the number of calls that are being transcribed and enriched with AI-generated content.

    AI-generated call summaries, key conversation topics, and talk ratios will be available on the call transcript and recording page. Call transcripts and recordings can easily be accessed from Aircall’s Conversation Center, which stores all recorded conversations. By clicking on a call or voicemail in the Conversation Center, Sales and Support Managers can quickly gain insight from the content generated by Aircall AI.