Power Dialer

If you want to help your sales reps dial faster and reduce manual entry into your CRM, our Power Dialer is the phone feature that your business can’t live without.

The Power Dialer for efficient sales

With Aircall’s powerful sales dialer, your sales reps can quickly compile a list of numbers and call through them all in just one click. Integrate our Power Dialer with Salesforce, or the CRM of your choice, to save your reps 2 minutes or more per call.

From new number to lead

Our Power Dialer automatically identifies phone numbers on your prospect’s website and adds them to your calling queue. These numbers are instantly added to contacts synced in Salesforce, or the CRM of your choice.

For meaningful sales conversations

Screen pops filled with data from Salesforce or your CRM automatically provide context for every call. With Aircall's Power Dialer software, there's no sacrificing quality for quantity.

Follow up faster

Record notes, tags, and follow up steps directly in your Aircall app and let automation take care of the rest. Our Power Dialer will place all the context you need into your CRM for you—no additional effort required.

Hear it from our customers

Thousands of companies trust Aircall's Power Dialer software to support their sales' growth.

"If at the end of the day you save a couple of seconds per call, that’s 10 minutes. All of a sudden you have another 2 to 3 hours by the end of the month. It really adds up."

Trusted by 15,000+ companies

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How to Use the Aircall Power Dialer

The Aircall Power Dialer works through browser extensions available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Follow these easy steps to start your first automatic dialing sequence today.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a power dialer?

    A power dialer is a phone dialing system that automatically adds phone numbers to an agent’s calling queue and dials them in sequence. This cuts out repetitive manual tasks of searching, dialing, and copy-pasting numbers. Power dialers are meant to be used as productivity tools for sales teams, in contrast to auto and predictive dialers which are automation tools typically used by telemarketers. You can learn about all the differences between dialer types here.

    The Aircall Power Dialer integrates into your CRM, so you can automatically add phone numbers from a client's website directly to your calling queue. The software syncs the number to the contacts' profile on Salesforce or the CRM of your choice.

    On the Aircall desktop and mobile interfaces, CRM data from the customer automatically pops up before the call begins, providing context for each call. The Aircall interface has easy-to-access controls that enable you to take notes, tag calls, or assign someone else to a caller.

  • What are the benefits of a power dialer?

    A power dialer enables you or your sales representatives to make more calls in the least amount of time, without relinquishing total control over the calling queue. Automatic power dialing maximizes productivity and the effectiveness of representatives who reach out to prospects. Create new leads and save time on manual tasks like looking up numbers, searching for prospect information, and copy-pasting.

    With Aircall, reps will save up to 2 minutes or more per call as the Dialer integrates with your CRM through these innovative features. The software scrapes a prospective client's website for a list of phone numbers, adds them to the calling queue, and adds them to the corresponding profile on Salesforce or another CRM of your choice.

    Insight cards with CRM data appear on the interface before the call, providing context for the conversation. That way, you'll have the full background information about the client before for every call. This readily available information sets the stage for more meaningful and productive sales conversations. Following up with customers is more seamless than ever as you can record notes, add tags, and set follow-up reminders on the app.

  • How do I set up a power dialer?

    To set up a power dialer, sign up for the Aircall Professional plan. Then, check to make sure you have the latest version of Aircall’s Chrome extension installed.

    Then follow our step by step guide to setting up the power dialer feature.

  • How does a power dialer work?

    A power dialer automatically dials the next number in the queue once the previous call ends. If the number is busy or disconnected, it will dial the subsequent number on the list. With Aircall, you can:

    - Delete the numbers from the sequence while a call is in progress
    - Pause the calling sequence at any time
    - Manually skip to the next number
    - Hang up and move to the following number
    - Engage with the CRM as you're in the call (ie: take notes, tag, and add follow-up steps)
    - Automatically detect phone numbers from web pages and add them to your CRM through our click-to-dial extension

  • How many types of dialers are there?

    There are 3 types of sales dialers. They’re all designed to increase sales team efficiency by using different dialing methods to reach as many prospects as possible:

    1. Auto dialers calls as many phone numbers as possible. When someone picks up the cold call, the Dialer will either play a recorded message or connect the call to an available customer service agent.

    The benefit of auto dialing is you can reach a large volume of people, but the downside is, the call agent who picks up may not be prepared with the specific sales or support information regarding that call. When choosing an auto dialer, make sure you’re abiding by your country’s compliance laws.

    2. Power dialers focus on one call at a time, leading to more personal conversations. This type of automation is ideal for small and mid-sized teams who want to earn a reputation as reliable and personable. The phone numbers are dialed from a predetermined list. New calls only begin once the previous call has ended. Depending on your provider, there are different features that come with power dialers. Aircall's dialer is a power dialer because we believe that quality, personalized conversations are most important for sales teams.

    3. Predictive dialers call multiple numbers at the same time and use machine learning to maximize efficiency. The software only assigns the call to a sales representative once a live person answers the call.

    The dialer learns what percentage of calls connect to the intended participant. For example, if it learns that only 25% of recipients pick up, it will dial four numbers at once.

    The algorithm studies pauses, opening phrases, and other common conversation traits to either assign a call to a representative or leave a voicemail. The predictive dialer can only know the average number of times someone picks up the call. As with any algorithmic assumption, there is always the possibility of a small margin for error.

Ready to start using our Power Dialer?

Sign up for a demo of Aircall today to see our power dialer in action.

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