Power Dialer

With Aircall’s powerful sales dialer, your sales reps can quickly compile a list of numbers and call through them all in just one click. Integrate our Power Dialer with Salesforce, or the CRM of your choice, to save your reps 2 minutes or more in between calls.

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The Power Dialer for efficient sales

If you want to help your sales reps dial faster and reduce manual entry into your CRM, our Power Dialer is the phone feature that your business can’t live without.

From new number to lead

Our Power Dialer automatically identifies phone numbers on your prospect’s website and adds them to your calling queue. These numbers are instantly added to contacts synced in Salesforce, or the CRM of your choice.

For meaningful sales conversations

Screen pops filled with data from Salesforce or your CRM automatically provide context for every call. With Aircall's Power Dialer software, there's no sacrificing quality for quantity.

Follow up faster

Record notes, tags, and follow up steps directly in your Aircall app and let automation take care of the rest. Our Power Dialer will place all the context you need into your CRM for you—no additional effort required.

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