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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is computer telephony integration (CTI)?

    Computer telephony integration — also called CTI—refers to the technologies that allow your computer system to interact with your phone system. Calls are centralized within a single interface, making them easier to manage.

    This connection enables you to link telephony to your company’s other professional tools, including your CRM (customer relationship management) software. With a computer telephony integration system, you can also integrate new features into telephony to optimize its effectiveness: interactive voice response (IVR), call routing and even a dashboard to track operations in real time.

  • How does computer telephony integration work?

    Computer telephony integration uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as a telephone switchboard. Voice is transmitted over an IP network, which makes it possible to control all of your telephony operations from your computer system.

    Your teams that are focused on making and receiving calls (sales, customer service, after-sales service, etc.) no longer need to use traditional hard phones. A headset with an integrated microphone and the right software are all they need to manage the most common operations from their computers: phone calls, transfers and call queuing.

    For even more robust performance, the CTI system is typically connected to customer relationship management software. This enables you to synchronize your customer database and your telephone directory. During a call, your agents have the customer’s information right in front of them. This simplifies and optimizes their work.

  • What are the advantages of computer telephony integration?

    CTI systems, like ours, improve customer support quality first of all. Due to the link with your CRM software, each call automatically opens the associated customer file. Customer requests can therefore be addressed more quickly and in a more personalized way.

    Computer telephony integration also galvanizes your teams’ work with customers (assistance, sales, etc.). Operations can be performed faster, each agent can make more calls, and customer service follow-up improves.

    What’s more, with the right integrations calls are automatically logged and you can keep a centralized record of interactions. Managers can track teams’ performance with quantified data (missed calls, wait time, resolution time, etc.).

    Aircall’s computer telephony integration is perfectly compatible with the most popular CRM tools, including Salesforce and Zendesk. No need to migrate to a new tool.

  • How can I optimize computer telephony integration?

    The best way to optimize the computer telephony integration system is to integrate features that meet the needs of each department that manages customer relations.

    With Aircall, you have a wealth of choices:

    - call routing to distribute calls among your employees;
    - IVR to guide customers to the right agent;
    - customizable “business hours” so you can set the hours when phone numbers can receive calls;
    - warm transfers to check that the agent is available to receive your call;
    - and Insight Cards to synchronize information from different applications.

    Keep in mind that computer telephony integration performs at its best when connected to interaction-tracking solutions. With our CTI system, you can use tools that analyze call handling and customer satisfaction. Tags allow you to categorize calls and a dashboard lets you monitor activity in real time.

    Request a demo to learn more about what Aircall’s CTI can do for you.

  • How can I integrate a CTI solution into my existing business tools?

    When implementing a CTI solution, it’s essential to connect it to complementary software.

    Most of the time, this will be a tool for customer relationship management (CRM) or an enterprise resource planning tool (ERP), since the latter centralizes the company’s main operations (CRM, human resources, accounting, inventory, etc.).

    Aircall's solution is compatible with the most widely used customer service software: Salesforce and Zendesk, but also Freshdesk, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Helpscout and Intercom. Integrations can be initiated directly from the Aircall interface and from your software. The set-up process is intuitive and doesn’t require external assistance.

    After integrating the systems, you can train your operations, management and technical teams. They will have everything they need to make the most of Aircall and your associated business tools.

    Computer telephony integration can do wonders to optimize your business. Try Aircall for free for 7 days to see it for yourself.


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