Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Transform your desktop into an advanced yet simple to operate phone system with our CTI. Aircall’s computer telephony integration enables every call-related task to be handled directly from your existing devices through a single interface.

Manage all calls in one place

Enable stellar support

Access critical customer information when your team needs it most. Our CTI screen pops display all necessary customer details and relevant call context during live conversations so your team can offer unrivaled personalized support.

One powerful interface

Aircall’s computer telephony integration offers a full suite of call center capabilities within a single, efficient, and easy to use interface, right on your desktop. Centralize and sync your tasks with our CTI, and save a ton of time!

Seamless CRM integrations

Connect your software in one place to maximize productivity, team monitoring, and data insights. Aircall’s CTI is configured with 90+ popular integrations to CRMs and other software. All managed in one interface.

Hear it directly from our customers!

Thousands of companies trust Aircall's CTI to optimize the efficiency of their teams.

“Aircall check-marked some of the most important boxes on our list: affordability, straightforward integration, and a pleasant user experience.”

Trusted by 13,000+ companies

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8 Ways CTI Benefits Customer Support

Discover how CTI revolutionizes call handling and why it boosts productivity within your team so effectively.

Features that pair well with our CTI...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does CTI stand for?

    Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) refers to the tech that transforms your desktop into a phone system. Aircall’s computer telephony integration enables every call-related task to be handled directly from your existing devices through a single, easy-to-manage interface.

    Aircall’s CTI connects numerous services in one place to maximize productivity, team monitoring, and data analysis. Aircall’s CTI is configured with over 80 of the most popular integrations and CRMs on the market, all managed via our desktop app and dashboard.

  • What are the benefits of CTI?

    If your business model hinges on making and receiving phone calls from customers and prospects, and you’re running on a decent internet connection, then there are numerous advantages to implementing a CTI for your business phone.

    Aircall’s computer telephony integration drastically improves the quality of customer service. Since the relevant customer information from a linked CRM database is shown on screen before and during conversations, calls are highly personalized and optimized. Callers can use routing tools like interactive voice response (IVR) to reach the most appropriate agent.

    Workflow integrations speed up call processing as well as any necessary after call work, which boosts efficiency and productivity. As a result, call volume rises and customer satisfaction increases. A CTI helps customer service teams reduce call handle times and increase first call resolution rates by providing agents with the information they need to resolve customer issues quickly.

    Since all calls are automatically logged with a centralized history of exchanges, team performance monitoring by managers is made simpler with more quantified data. Moreover, since data is centralized, a CTI allows customer service agents to be aligned with their colleagues in sales, product development, business operations and marketing to avoid confusion between departments.

    Aircall’s computer telephony integration connects easily with 80+ common business tools, including Salesforce and Zendesk, so no migration is needed. Since there is no hardware to purchase, a CTI considerably lowers operational costs compared to traditional phone systems. Teams can even be fully remote or distributed around the world as the software is easily installed on their existing devices.

  • What other CRMs does Aircall integrate with?

    Aircall’s CTI integrates seamlessly with all of the major CRMs on the market today. In addition to Salesforce, we integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive, amoCRM, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Zendesk Sell, and several other CRMs. Configuring these integrations are intuitive and do not require complicated data migrations.

    Aircall’s computer telephony integration also connects with other software tools and apps, besides CRMs. This includes syncing with everything from the most popular productivity tools (AI, sales automation, quality assurance, transcription, etc.) and customer satisfaction tools (surveys, live chat apps, SMS tools, helpdesk tools, etc.), as well as eCommerce apps, data analysis tools, recruitment integrations, payment & billing tools, and social network management apps.

    For the full list of Aircall’s CTI integrations, check out our App Marketplace.

  • How does CTI work?

    Computer telephony integration is based on VoIP (Voice over IP) functionality, so it uses the internet to route calls rather than a traditional wired PBX telephone network. This makes desk phones obsolete in favor of softphones—phone software installed on your existing smartphone, desktop PC, or laptop that enables call center capabilities.

    Fully virtual, cloud-based VoIP business phone systems are superior to using traditional (and often outdated) cable telephone systems for most companies, especially small businesses, startups and fast growing enterprises.

    A computer telephony integration is often configured to allow for integrations with CRM, Helpdesk, and other productivity tools. Aircall’s CTI connects to a wide range of these tools to allow your company to function as an advanced call center with the full suite of features needed for maximum performance.

  • How does Salesforce integrate with CTI?

    Salesforce is the world's most common CRM system. Aircall’s CTI allows your business to leverage your voice channel within Salesforce and automate daily tasks to enhance your team’s performance. With the Aircall-Salesforce integration, all calls are automatically logged directly into Salesforce and each caller’s history is saved. Your sales and support agents will have access to all customer and prospect data within Salesforce to better communicate, solve tickets, and win new business.

    Aircall adds call center capabilities to Salesforce by centralizing phone operations in a single interface, and uses data in Salesforce to give context to Aircall interactions. This integration boosts productivity through a myriad of features, which include:

    - Your Salesforce interface offers direct access to the Aircall CTI
    - Aircall automatically logs calls for every call made, missed, received and even voicemails. It can also log calls according to business hours
    - Contact history is made visible in Salesforce when a call is received
    - You can jot down virtual notes in real time while talking with your client thanks to Aircall’s note taking functionality
    - Your call workflows can be customized within Salesforce
    - Call comments, tags, and recordings automatically sync from Aircall and appear in Salesforce
    - You can create ticket assignment rules for pre-existing Salesforce users or groups

    For more information on what the Aircall computer telephony integration can do when linked with Salesforce, check out this useful video on our knowledge base, or read up on how to configure your Salesforce integration in Aircall.

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