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Connect Aircall and Intercom to centralize phone, SMS, and chat communication in one platform and streamline support operations at scale.

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Connect Aircall and Intercom to streamline your sales and support teams workflows.
Connect Aircall and Intercom to streamline your sales and support teams workflows.
See Intercom information on incoming calls.
Automatically log call activity and call details as Conversations within Intercom.
Create new unassigned tickets for missed calls and voicemails.

The Intercom-Aircall integration allows you to consolidate your caller information into one place and streamline the way support teams talk with their customers. With Aircall and Intercom, teams can centralize phone, SMS, and chat communication in one platform to elevate the customer experience and streamline operations for growing teams. Log calls and SMS to automate data entry, use customizable tags to see trends and pull reports, and gain context on customer interactions to personalize conversations and resolve tickets faster.

Aircall + Intercom

  • Manage customer interactions

Calls, voicemails, and SMS automatically log in Intercom with essential call data such as contact information, notes, tags, call recordings, and more. Agents can manage multiple communication channels all in one platform, eliminating manual data entry and automatically tracking the most relevant customer details.

  • Track conversations with tags

Customizable tags in the Aircall phone automatically sync to Intercom conversations. With tags, agents and admins can categorize and track calls based on custom criteria to see trends, pull reports, and understand customer needs at scale.

  • Personalize conversations

Take calls prepared with all the information you need to make conversations count. Inbound calls surface a card in the Aircall phone that contains essential information on contacts and prior conversations. Agents can gain context at a glance to personalize conversations and delight customers.

  • Update contacts automatically

With Contact Sync, create new contacts in Intercom that automatically sync over to your Aircall contacts after a call has connected. Keep your Aircall contacts automatically up-to-date, preventing duplicates and providing the most relevant contact information to support agents.

  • Switch seamlessly from chat to voice

With Aircall Now, send an invitation to a customer via Intercom Messenger and switch to a live phone conversation while remaining in the chat window. Aircall Now allows agents to tailor communication to customers, meeting them where they are to provide a best-in-class support experience.


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