Advanced inbound and outbound calling in HubSpot for Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Marketing Hub.

  • Display HubSpot contact and deal information with a fully embedded Aircall app.
  • Automatically log comments, tags, and call details directly from the Aircall phone.
  • Close more deals in HubSpot by placing calls in one-click or loading lists of contacts to our PowerDialer.
  • Generate HubSpot reports with Aircall data to make data driven decisions.


Aircall's HubSpot Integration enables agents, sales reps, and marketers to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track your customers through the whole customer journey from marketing, to sales, and success.

Inbound relies on relevancy

Aircall's Call-Pop automatically delivers vital information to your sales reps and support agents before they answer a call.

Dive deeper into customer history with the in-app HubSpot integration. All your customer history from HubSpot is a click away to provide full context of the call, providing your team with maximum context to enhance the customer experience and have better conversations.

Make each future call better by utilizing notes that sync directly back into HubSpot.

Gain richer insights into your customers & your team's performance

Automatically log all your data. With Aircall, all phone conversations are logged and tracked in your contact records with information such as call duration, a link to complete call recordings, agent comments, and outcomes.

Drive greater insights with native HubSpot reporting. All your call data becomes available within HubSpot, complementing and improving the native reporting of the HubSpot suite.

Complete the full picture of your customer communications. Dive deep into customer interactions with voice recordings automatically logged directly in HubSpot contact records.

CTI for the enterprise version - Centralize your workflow with the CTI

Increase productivity by dialing out without ever switching screens.

Manage all your customer communications - from lead generation to support tickets - in a single location with Aircall's natively integrated CTI.

Keep HubSpot up-to-date from anywhere with Aircall's iPhone and Android mobile applications. Make remote work easy and log data in real time, even when business takes your team out of the office.

How Aircall measures up

  • We chose to partner with Aircall because we believe in their solution. Great features and integrations, responsive support, and a pricing structure that makes sense for our clients make partnering with Aircall a slam dunk."

    Eric Pratt

    Managing Partner

  • The decision to use Aircall was a no-brainer. It is more convenient, mobile-friendly, able to incorporate all members of the team, faster than a traditional phone line and integrates directly into HubSpot as a part of the technology ecosystem."

    Gabriel Marguglio


  • I would highly recommend someone to get HubSpot and Aircall for their sales team. The efficiency the integration has provided has allowed us to better maximize our sales efforts."

    Erik Pankonin

    Marketing Automation & CRM

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