We’re Better Together

Like avocado and toast,
Pasta and sauce,
Our voice solution with your product...

We are just better together.

Build, launch, and grow your app in the largest
ecosystem for voice. Our team has your back.

Why partner with Aircall?

Enrich your product with the power of voice

Aircall is in the business of better conversations, and better conversations lead to better business. By integrating call data into your platform, you can:

· Sync customer records between Aircall and your product
· Power better workflows for your customers
· Create more agile processes for your customers.

Build a world-class integration

With extensive documentation on our Aircall API, it’s easy to build a robust, user-friendly integration.

Grow with Aircall & reach new customers

Your integration will be featured on Aircall’s App Marketplace, helping you unlock new customer opportunities. As our partnership evolves, you’ll have increasing access to benefits to drive your growth.

Join the best companies

Join the growing list of SaaS innovators working with Aircall.


What you get from Aircall



Get 1:1 support throughout the development, testing, launch, and growth process.

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Your success is our success. We’ll co-market together and continue to support each other throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

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We’re in it for the long run. With regular internal training and enablement, you can count on our revenue teams to find and facilitate referrals for your business.

Together at every step of the way

From your first OAuth access request, to your integration launch, to new happy customers—
we'll be by your side.

0 installs
Start building your dream app. Our tech team will provide you with a developer account and best practices for building an app with Aircall.
1-10 installs
Show the world your creation. Our Partnerships and Marketing teams will launch your product on Aircall’s App Ecosystem and begin your growth journey with Aircall.
10-100 installs
Ramp up the momentum. Our Partnerships team will work with you on internal training and co-marketing opportunities to take your app growth to the next level.
100+ installs
Prepare to scale. Design custom strategies that involve multiple global teams and customer touchpoints.

"After being an Aircall customer for years, it's great to be their integration partner too! We wanted Klaus to be easily available for the new-generation Aircall customers and, from being featured in the App Marketplace, to having monthly brainstorming calls, partner stories, and enablement sessions, Aircall always made the process simple and fun."

Lílian Ertel

Head of Partnerships at Klaus

"Building an integration with Aircall took us one week, and the communication with an Aircall team was extremely fluent from the beginning. As soon as we encountered a blocking point while building the app, we found a quick workaround together to make it work."

Vaiva Miliukaite

Customer Success Manager at SnapCall

"We recently took part in an e-book co-marketing initiative, alongside the likes of Hubspot and SalesLoft about building the most efficient and effective tech stack. It’s early in the project but we’re already seeing exciting results and expect to reap fantastic results."

Matthew Wright

Partnerships Manager at Refract

Meet the team

Chloé Desalbres

Chloé Desalbres

Product Partnerships Manager

Chloé is your first point of contact. From building the integration to enabling the app on the marketplace, Chloé is here to guide you through your journey with Aircall. Outside of work, you will find her either cooking or exploring the French countryside.

Ian Cugniere

Ian Cugniere

Program Manager, App Marketplace

Ian works with integration partners to make them successful on the Aircall marketplace. He helps build our robust partner program so as to support hundreds of partners at scale and foster our partner community. Outside of work, you’ll find him climbing or riding his bike.

Lanie Abisdris Rounded Picture

Lanie Abisdris

Director of App Ecosystems

Lanie is the Director of App Ecosystems at Aircall. She is devoted to making sure we’re providing developers and app partners with the best resources and experience when they choose to invest in working with Aircall. Outside of work she loves exploring the best of what nature and the big city (Toronto) have to offer.

Aircall has dedicated teams in New York City and in Paris to help partners scale their app adoption strategy around the world.



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