The phone system for ROI-driven IT and operations teams

A secure call center solution set up in minutes—with new users and numbers created in seconds—that fits seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.

The phone system for ROI-driven IT and operations teams

Global IT and operations leaders choose Aircall

Your customers expect the best, and Aircall helps you deliver

Connect with 100+ business tools in one click

  • Aircall connects with the tools your company is already using, including CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot and reporting tools like Plecto.

  • Easily integrate with any other tool and create custom workflows and automations using our open API.

Connect with 100+ business tools in one click

"Having all the information in a single platform, Salesforce, allows us to monitor the activity of our agents, have visibility over the sales cycle, and identify which levers can be used to improve our processes and motivate our teams."

— Ambroise Prieur, Contact Centre Administrator @ SumUp

Enable more autonomous customer-facing teams

  • Aircall makes it easy for nontechnical teams to be autonomous. New numbers and users can be created in a matter of clicks, and training new users is simple with our easy-to-use interface.

  • This means you can spend less time on troubleshooting and onboarding and more time working on strategic projects.

Enable more autonomous  customer-facing teams

"What mattered the most to us was to be able to make the support teams autonomous. We are a rather small IT team and we didn’t want to spend so much time troubleshooting phone issues any longer."

— IT Project Manager @ Caudalie

Stay connected and track call activity from anywhere

  • Aircall’s cloud-based phone system keeps your teams connected when working remotely or even when moving offices—no expensive hardware or costly installations are required.

  • Advanced analytics provide the ability to dig deep into readily available data, with filters that allow you to break down data by user, team, and line activity.

Stay connected and track call activity from anywhere

"Because we had Aircall implemented as our centralized phone system, it was like nothing had changed. Everything was cloud-based, so we were able to just keep operating in exactly the same way. There’s no way we could have handled the pandemic with our previous phone system."

— Julius Holmefjord-Sarabi, CTO and CFO @ Aureus Academy

Maintain security, call quality and reliability.

  • Built on AWS with multiple data centers globally, we deliver the highest-quality communications with 99.99% uptime, opus codec audio transmission, and dynamic carrier switching.

  • We take security seriously, with role-based access control to keep your data protected, and Single Sign-on* for you to securely login via your normal identity provider.

*Availability subject to certain conditions. Please contact our Sales team or your Account Manager for more details.

Maintain security, call quality and reliability.

Connected to the tools you love

The leading app ecosystem for voice. Aircall talks to all of your critical tools and workflows.

The features IT & operations leaders love

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Monitor performance on real-time dashboards to make data-driven decisions. Use our powerful API to plug Aircall into any data source to manage reporting all in one place.

1-click integration with the tools you already have

1-click integration with the tools you already have

Connect your VoIP data with over 90 integrations and take control of your voice workflows
 with Aircall's public API & webhooks.

Quick, self-service setup

Quick, self-service setup

Save time and resources with Aircall’s simple setup, helping your customer-facing teams get up to speed sooner. No expensive hardware and gadgets are required.

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Key features

One-Click Setup

Activate integrations in one click from the Aircall admin dashboard and manage all settings in one place.

Real-Time Modifications

Toggle your system settings at any time, including adding new users or numbers in a single click.

Webhooks and API

Connect our phone system to your everyday tools or build a custom workflow.

Live Feed

Gain a real-time perspective of team activity so you can shift resources and optimize productivity.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up a smart IVR directory that automatically guides callers to the correct team on their first try.

Call Routing

Direct calls to the correct teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.

Call Monitoring

Accelerate employee training and boost call quality assurance by monitoring live calls.


Assign everyone on the team a personalized three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial.

Best-in-Class Support

Our support agents are available 24/5, across 3 continents through phone, chat, or email.