Cloud Based Phone System Integration For Pipedrive


Helps sales reps streamline their call workflows



Aircall's Pipedrive Integration helps sales reps streamline their call workflows, increasing productivity and inspiring smarter conversations at every stage of the sales cycle.

Relevance Wins Deals

Aircall's pop-up delivers key contact information to sales reps before they answer a call.

One click takes reps to the full conversation history in Pipedrive, giving them maximum context as they work toward closing the deal.

Notes and tags for all calls automatically sync back to the right Pipedrive record, making it easier to personalize the next conversation.

Avoid Busywork, Accelerate Productivity

Aircall automatically logs all call details to the appropriate contact and the associated deal.

Use Click-to-dial within Pipedrive to reach out fast and start talking right away. Track any assignment changes made via Aircall directly inside Pipedrive.

Use call-back requests to ensure a missed call never means a lost lead. PowerDial through sales leads after loading a list from Pipedrive.

Keep a Clean CRM

Connect only the numbers associated with your sales process.

Decide exactly which kind of calls should result in newly created tickets.

Never worry about the integrity of your call data again.

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