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Provide superior patient experiences with a reliable and secure voice solution. Always keep a 360-degree view of your patients by connecting your phone system to the tools you already use.

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Your clients expect the best, and Aircall helps you deliver

Personalize every patient experience and gain their trust

Personalize every patient experience and gain their trust

  • Seamlessly integrate with your CRM to access a 360-degree view of your patients’ history and tailor every interaction to fit their specific case.
  • Depend on a reliable voice solution that supports omnichannel communications with tight integrations to the tools you already use.

Within five seconds or so, you know the person’s name, their phone number, and the details of previous conversations.

— Norbert Miklos, COO @ Cornerstone Medical Recruitment

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Keep your patients’ data safe at all times

  • Data security is paramount, especially when it comes to medical data. With Aircall, both you and your patients are in good hands.
  • Aircall maintains strong privacy and security measures, such as end-to-end data encryption, HIPAA compliance for handling Protected Health Information (PHI), and requirements imposed by regulations such as GDPR.

Take a look here to learn more about Aircall’s privacy practices, and here if you want to know more about our security policies.

It would now be very difficult for our teams to go back to the way we worked before. Aircall brought a lot of comfort and efficiency to their daily work. All they need to do is interact with the CTI from within Salesforce to receive and make calls, it’s just so easy to do.

— Olivier Pilat, co-founder @ Senior Transition

Set up your call center in minutes

Set up your call center in minutes

  • Invite your agents and start making and receiving calls right away. Organize your workflows and set up integrations in minutes.
  • Easily adjust availability, call distribution, and IVR settings in response to call volumes and changing needs—and stay focused on improving the patient experience.
Track call activity and make better staffing decisions

Track call activity and boost call center performance

  • Keep a close eye on critical KPIs like missed call rate, calls per agent, and agent availability, making it easy to ensure you’re reaching your goals.
  • Track all call activity in our Live Feed so you can quickly adjust workflows to meet demand and staff your teams to align with business and patient experience objectives.
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The features healthcare & life science companies love

  • CRM and Helpdesk Integrations

    Connect Aircall with your CRM or Helpdesk to centralize activity, automate call logging, and ensure you always have a 360-degree view of your customer.

    CRM and Helpdesk Integrations
  • Call Routing and IVR

    Easily set up and adjust routing rules and IVR to make sure callers are guided to the right team on their first try.

    Call Routing and IVR
  • Advanced analytics and
    live feed

    Track every conversation in the Aircall dashboard, use data to make informed decisions and provide five-star customer experiences.

    Advanced Analytics

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Key features

  • Insight Cards

    See more context behind every inbound call by pulling related data from other apps into view.

  • Gain a real-time perspective of team activity so you can shift resources and optimize productivity.

  • Accelerate employee training and boost call quality assurance by monitoring live calls.

  • Set up a smart IVR directory that automatically guides callers to the correct team on their first try.

  • Give your teammates the option to quickly speak to one another before transferring a live call.

  • Review call recordings to help confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions.

  • Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.

  • Direct calls to the correct teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.

  • Give inbound callers the option to remain in queue until one of your agents is available to talk.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a cloud-based phone system for the healthcare industry ?

    Healthcare phone systems, often referred to as medical call centers or hospital call centers, enable businesses in the healthcare industry—like doctor’s offices, medical clinics, and hospitals—to provide better patient experiences. Outsourced healthcare call center services allow organizations to engage proactively with patients while saving resources and driving growth. Read on to learn about call center solutions, features of healthcare call centers, and more.

    In recent years, the healthcare industry has vastly improved its service capabilities via modern medical call centers solutions. These healthcare contact centers connect patients with medical teams. Medical contact centers leverage healthcare call center software to support patients from the first inquiry to post-recovery consultations. Here are a few examples of types of healthcare call center solutions:

    - Inbound call centers: These call centers handle incoming calls such as appointment scheduling and billing inquiries.
    - Outbound call centers: These call centers handle outgoing calls such as patient outreach, feedback, and research.
    - Blended call centers: These call centers provide inbound and outbound calling services for a mix of customer support capabilities.
    - Contact centers: This type of call center offers web-enabled solutions that allow patients to communicate via voice, video, or text.
    - Health insurance call centers. These call centers deal with insurance processing and insurance technology.
    By employing call center software, many hospitals and medical clinics have been able to streamline processes and focus on what matters—a more seamless patient experience.

  • What are the best practices for a healthcare call center?

    There are a handful of best practices to keep in mind for outsourced healthcare call center services. When it comes time for your healthcare business to partner with a healthcare phone system or call center service, it’s valuable to choose software that’s familiar with your business needs. The best healthcare call centers:

    - Hire the right people. The medical field involves patients who are often experiencing stressful, worrying issues. These patients are likely to interact with your business in a heartfelt, emotional way. By hiring and training the right people, you go a long way to ensure a positive patient experience.

    - Communicate with empathy. Make sure your agents are professional, positive, and always looking for ways to provide a superior patient experience.

    - Speak to patients in their language. Does your medical center provide care for a population that speaks more than one language? Make sure you offer patient support in those languages for an inclusive experience. Provide multichannel support. Make communication easy by offering contact options across email, live chat, text message, and more.

    - Monitor and analyze metrics. Review key performance indicators like average response time, abandonment rate, average call time, first-call resolution, and patient satisfaction to get a full picture of your service. VoIP phone services integrated with end-to-end customer service management apps can help you track calls as they progress through your system.

    Read more about how to set up a medical call center

  • What are the main features of a healthcare phone system?

    The main features of a healthcare phone system are that they offer around-the-clock support and better, more flexible care. Having a healthcare contact center vastly improves patient welfare and establishes trust between the patient and the healthcare provider. Here’s why:
    - 24/7 support mitigates risk. In many other sectors, the vast majority of calls are not urgent and can be returned after a waiting period. In the medical field, this is not the case. A call center mitigates these risks by providing 24/7 service to patients. Even if the call is not an emergency, answering questions about medications or symptoms provides peace of mind and drastically increases overall satisfaction.

    - Better patient relationships through improved care. After establishing an optimal call flow, call centers allow for a range of agents, each dealing with specific issues. Moving customers smoothly from one agent to the next prevents circle calls, phone tag, and annoying wait times that drive down satisfaction levels.

    To provide around-the-clock support and nurture patient relationships, your healthcare call center solution needs to have the right technology. These nine technologies can help healthcare organizations and hospital call centers create a better experience for both patients and their agents.

    - Call Routing. Direct calls to the correct teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.
    - Call Monitoring. Accelerate employee training and boost call quality assurance by monitoring live calls.
    - Business Hours. Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers is available to receive calls. After-Call Work. After a call, give your team the time to tag, assign, and prepare for the next conversation.
    - Call Center Analytics. Keep track of all your call center metrics—such as wait time, missed- call rate, and call volume—in one place.
    - Call Conferencing. Make it a collaborative conversation using Aircall’s call conferencing feature. Host a total of five people in the same live conference call with Aircall’s VoIP calling solution.
    - Call Queuing. Give inbound callers the option to remain in queue until one of your agents is available to talk.
    - Call Recording. Review call recordings to help confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions.
    - Blocklist Numbers. Eliminate spam callers and bots so you can focus more on the conversations your business cares about. Learn more about call centers with our Call Center 101 guide or learn how to build a call center from the ground up with our ultimate setup guide.

  • How does Aircall improve healthcare call center efficiency?

    Aircall improves healthcare call center efficiency in many ways. We’ll work with you to set up the right strategies and processes to optimize your call center so you’re able to create a great patient experience. Here are just a few of the ways Aircall improves healthcare call center efficiency:

    - Save time and remove friction. It’s a breeze to set up Aircall. No technical consultants or complex gadgets are required to get started. We’ll make it easy for patients to get in touch with you and streamline your efficiencies. Plus, our software is so easy to use that you’ll reduce training from months to minutes.

    - Collaborate more easily. Build IVR menus and smart routing rules to direct callers to the right agent every time. Collaborate on calls through the shared inbox, apply tags or comments, and assign follow-ups to specific teammates.

    - Enjoy one-click integrations. Connect Aircall with your CRM or Helpdesk to centralize activity and automate call logging. Manage technical aspects without the IT team. Add new numbers, teammates, or routing rules on the fly.

    - Resources, guides, and live support. Aircall’s Knowledge Base is constantly updated with new articles full of advice and resources from the Aircall team. Additionally, we regularly publish curated eBooks, video tutorials, surveys, and other resources—all designed to help sales and support teams do their jobs better.

    For more insights into how Aircall will increase the efficiency of your call center, schedule a demo today.

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