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Cornerstone Medical Recruitment Improves Efficiency with Aircall

Cornerstone Medical Recruitment Improves Efficiency with Aircall



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Cornerstone Medical Recruitment Improves Efficiency with Aircall

Good health is essential for our happiness and well-being. Everyone benefits from care that’s given by quality, compassionate healthcare providers. To fill that need, Cornerstone Medical Recruitment provides a bridge between healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. With so many skilled doctors, nurses, and medical staff across Australia and filling a niche market of open positions in some of the most rural parts of the country, Aircall provides the company with a fast and efficient tool to create the best match between healthcare professionals and facilities.

Clear Communication Is the Key to Improved Engagement

Norbert Miklos, COO of Cornerstone Medical Recruitment explains that the company had been using JobAdder as their applicant tracking system (ATS) practically since they first went into business but had previously relied on an old desktop office phone system that wasn’t efficient for their staff of over 30 employees.

The staff found it difficult during phone calls to take meaningful notes during their conversations with recruits without disrupting the natural flow of conversation. As a result, they lacked the proper context for follow-up and didn’t have a centralized or consistent record of a contact’s history.

Cornerstone began looking for a softphone solution that could automate some of their workflows and chose Aircall specifically for its robust JobAdder integration.

“You have to have a lot of information, and it’s helpful to have context from previous conversations.”

Aircall immediately enhanced their efficiency since JobAdder could automatically log their call activity. Conversations became more fluid because JobAdder provides a snapshot of the caller details, syncs notes, and eliminates manual data entry.

“Within five seconds or so, you know the person’s name, their phone number, and the details of previous conversations.”

At Cornerstone, phone conversations around recruitment aren’t just about the job itself, but often also on matters of relocation. Healthcare professionals have many important questions about how a new role will affect their families, their lifestyle, and more. Digital tools like chat and video aren’t the most effective communication channels for having in-depth conversations about schools and community living.

“We rely so heavily on our phone system. We're a hundred percent phone-based.”

Phone conversations with easy back-and-forth dialogue are necessary to give their recruits a sufficient comfort level to confidently accept a new position that affects major life decisions, and JobAdder provides that extra level of personalization that recruiting professionals need to gain the trust of the medical community they’re serving.

The Right Features and Integrations Positioned Aircall Above the Rest

Cornerstone’s previous phone system wasn’t well-suited for syncing with the several other software and devices the team was using, and Miklos was frustrated with the many hours he was wasting on resetting the application. He can only imagine how stressful it would have been to keep all of their employees up and running remotely after the COVID pandemic emerged if they hadn’t switched to Aircall.

Aircall made it possible to outfit their employees with laptops and headsets, which was particularly useful for employees traveling or working from home. Their staff appreciates the click-to-dial feature that allows them to dial numbers without lifting a handset.

As calls come in, the IVR feature routes the call directly to the appropriate person.

“They’ll go straight to the person that needs to answer it instead of being transferred again. It’s a really nice touch!”

With Aircall, every conversation gets recorded, which takes away the pain of time-consuming, rushed note taking. At the close of a call, their staff can review the recording instantly to get a better understanding of the recruit’s needs and concerns. The details preserve the proper context for future discussions.

As an added benefit, Norbert highlights the flexibility that mobility has brought them, especially in light of the COVID pandemic. Now, employees are able to log in from any device, anywhere. When the danger of the virus broke, there was no worry about their employees being confined to their desks. They confidently told their employees to grab their computers and go home with full assurance that there would be no interruption in their workflow.

“COVID didn’t interrupt the service to our customers because having Aircall meant we could continue working whether our employees were at the office or at home.”

The flexibility was also a huge asset for healthcare providers that were in immediate and dire need of medical staff.

Aircall Has the Capacity for Scaling Up

Cornerstone Medical Recruitment prides itself on its ATS system. Norbert admits being skeptical in the beginning about the amount of downtime they might experience with a softphone, but with an uptime percentage of 99.95%, Aircall has successfully put that fear to rest.

Aircall’s dashboard makes it easy to analyze incoming and outgoing calls. The data is useful for improving their customer service training and protocols even further.

“That’s why I switched over to Aircall— Aircall reporting.”

With a growing database of healthcare professionals, the medical recruiting company can more efficiently source candidates for the many healthcare facilities contacting them and needing professional help. When employees speak to a client, they don’t have to worry about taking notes which means they can focus on being fully present during the conversation.

The company is growing every year and Norbert feels confident that Aircall has sufficient capacity as they scale up and the ability to keep them agile in any environment.

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