How Jayride Soars to New Heights With Aircall

How Jayride Soars to New Heights With Aircall



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Whether you go wherever the wind takes you or every minute of your vacation is meticulously planned, there’s one part of traveling that’s stressful for everyone…

Getting to and from the airport.

Do taxis accept credit cards? Do they have Uber in this country? Will I make it to the airport in time for my flight?

With access to transport in over 1,500 airports in 81 countries, Jayride’s platform lets consumers compare and book airport transfers from local providers ahead of time, making transfers easy, painless and seamless.

Finding the Most Efficient Route

Jayride caters to customers from beginning to end. They help travelers find the right type of vehicle, compare prices, and even ensure pickup is on-time and organized.

Additionally, Jayride empowers local travel agents, partners, and transportation providers, many of whom are small businesses, marketing their services online for the very first time.

As a B2C and B2B company, Jayride needs a reliable and robust communication system, but their previous phone solution left much to be desired.

Using Skype, Jayride was limited to mostly outbound calls when speaking to both customers and agencies. Plus, a growing inbound sales team required a better way to manage users and accounts.

Jayride’s Head of Traveller Direct, Aron Lewin, lead the search for a tool that integrated with their current systems (Salesforce and Help Scout) and could keep customer notes and payment information in one place.

Avoiding Roadblocks and Accelerating Growth

After growing the team, Jayride was ready to scale into new markets, but a rigid IVR menu was making significantly slowing that progress.

“You needed a developer to manage that [IVR] system, and resources were scarce in our tech department. If we wanted to make any changes, we were roadblocked… Aircall really freed us from that.”

Lewin was impressed by Aircall’s turn-key-readiness, as well as how easily admins could make structural adjustments.

“Because it’s such an intuitive platform, it’s much easier to make changes on the fly. Creating selections on the IVR, adding users, activating numbers, onboarding people… that stuff has made it easy to manage the whole system.”

Plus, Lewin found the ability to create local numbers in key regions to be especially appealing.

“We only had five numbers around the world, and we were starting our international rollouts where we expanded to 81 countries. Aircall allowed us to set up a phone number in most countries where we required it pretty seamlessly.”

Many of the teams at Jayride work remotely, with employees in Australia, Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia, so choosing a service with mobility was key.

Aircall’s easy-to-use interface, quick implementation, and simple roll out turned onboarding an intercontinental workforce into a routine task.

Accelerating Using Analytics

Aircall’s reports have had an outsized impact on Jayride’s business. By monitoring call volume, answer rate, missed calls, and resolution time, Jayride created more efficient staffing rosters.

“When we started, the inbound team was missing about 48% of calls and now we’ve gotten it down to about 20% or less.”

As Jayride continues to scale, they’ve started to use additional features, like call recordings, in order to improve agent training. Team leaders and managers review conversations, taking note of what can improve and how to better serve customers.

Having a unified phone system connecting all teams provides consistency on a global scale.

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