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Start making and receiving your calls directly from Zendesk. Automatically create tickets and match your incoming calls to your existing customer records.

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Zendesk CTI
Instantly add call center capabilities to Zendesk and centralize all phone interactions in one place.
Instantly add call center capabilities to Zendesk and centralize all phone interactions in one place.
A fully embedded Aircall app that will screen-pop to display a caller's Zendesk ticket history.
Automatically create tickets, log notes, tags, and call details directly from the Aircall phone.

Easily integrate your Aircall phone system to Zendesk directly from your Aircall dashboard or the Zendesk App Marketplace. With Aircall integrated into Zendesk, you’re able to instantly make, receive and synchronize your calls directly from the Zendesk console to increase customer satisfaction and increase agent productivity.

How Aircall works with Zendesk

Save time and increase customer satisfaction with the Aircall + Zendesk phone integration. By managing incoming and outgoing calls directly from the Zendesk interface, agents have all the information they need to give customers the service reflective of your brand. After the call wraps, you'll get the information you need to build actionable reports and dashboards in Zendesk Explore in real time.

Benefits of Integrating Aircall with Zendesk

This integration is a solution built for customer service teams. It adds call center and telephony capabilities to Zendesk, centralizing all your phone operations into a single-interface that uses the data in Zendesk to give context to all your customer interactions. Here’s how:

Richer Insights

Gain deeper visibility into your customers & your support team's performance. All of your call information, including numbers, dates, times, recordings, voicemails, and more, are automatically recorded by Aircall in dedicated Zendesk custom fields. Use this information to start time-saving automations and generate reports that will help you understand how to better serve your customers.

Greater Customization

Create customized workflows for your integration to boost team ticket handling rates while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. Define ticket type and status, and start automations and triggers utilizing Aircall tags, numbers, and more.

Customer History

Dive deeper into customer history with the in-app Zendesk phone integration. All your customer history from Zendesk is a click away, providing the full context of your call. Look through notes, tags, and the customer profile to give your team the maximum context to enhance customer experiences and have better conversations.

Better Data

All phone interactions using Aircall are recorded and monitored in Zendesk along with details including contact, call duration, phone number, tags, a link to the full call recording, agent comments, and more. Use this data in Zendesk Explore to gain insight into how your team is harnessing the power of voice.

Automatic Ticket Creation

When an agent picks up the Aircall phone, a support ticket is automatically created and opens on your screen. This ticket is automatically assigned, letting you take notes during the conversation with your client so you don’t miss out on key information. You can also create personalized ticket assignment rules to select where and who tickets are automatically assigned to.

Centralized Workspace

Manage all your customer communications in a single location. With the Aircall phone seamlessly integrated into Zendesk, support teams can centralize their workflow into one easy-to-use platform, staying on the Zendesk dashboard and increasing productivity without ever switching screens.


Don't compromise customer experiences, or risk data loss when working remotely on the field. Our iPhone and Android mobile app can be used to keep your Zendesk data up to date, no matter where you are. Make remote work easy and log important information in real-time, even when business takes your support team out of the office.

Maximize productivity with added features

When it comes to delivering great service, we know that time is precious. The Aircall + Zendesk phone integration has lots of time-saving tools for teams including:

- Click-to-dial: Click any number in Zendesk and Aircall will begin your call immediately, saving your team unnecessary admin work.

- Ticket Pop: A customer's open ticket will pop up on an agent's screen when making or receiving a call through Aircall. Customers won’t need to repeat themselves, helping decrease average handling time, and increasing customer satisfaction. 

- Agent Status Sync: ensure agents stay focused on the job at hand & guarantee accurate reporting, by automatically changing the status to busy whenever an agent is on a live call.

- Customizable Insight Cards: See more context behind every inbound and outbound call with data automatically pulled from Zendesk into view on your Aircall Phone. Choose which data to display to agents to ensure they’re only seeing information that matters.

- CTI: Keep agents in one place by offering the Aircall phone right in the Zendesk interface, saving agents time and effort clicking between multiple applications.

- Call Commenting & Assignment: Assign a call to a teammate along with a tag, note, or comment, and it will be automatically added to their to-do list.

- SMS Logging: Give agents a full view of customer interactions by logging SMS’ into Zendesk tickets.

- Call Recording: Calls are automatically recorded and can be used to help confirm details, monitor customer service, and train new members on best practices for your caller’s experiences.

- Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Set up a smart directory that will automatically route an inbound call to the correct team on their first try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What plan types are required for this integration?

This plan is currently available for customers at all levels. Some advanced features, such as Agent Status Sync, require a Talk Partner Edition license. Speak to your Zendesk representative to learn more about Talk Partner Edition.

How do I set up my Zendesk phone integration?

More information on setting up your integration can be found here, on in the sidebar under FAQ.


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