Privacy Policy

Last modified: March 12th, 2024

By means of this Privacy Policy,


By “Aircall” we mean, depending on the context, the Aircall group of companies comprising entities listed in Section 13 of this Privacy Policy or a particular entity from the said list. Different entities in the Aircall group may have different roles in your Personal Data processing depending, on your location. An explanation on which of Aircall’s entities is using your Personal Data is provided in the respective chapters hereof.

provides you with information about how it uses

Personal Data 

By “Personal Data“ we mean any data or information that enables the identification of an individual (whether directly or indirectly), such as their family name, first name, photograph, postal address, email address, telephone number, data relating to their transactions, order details and subscriptions, IP address, cookies, voice, as well as any other information about them. Under this term, we also cover all personally identifiable information (PII), as may be defined by certain regulations.

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Data Controller 

By “Data Controller” we mean the Aircall company that determines the purposes and means of processing and is generally responsible under the data protection laws for legal use of your personal data.