Privacy Rights Request Form

Exercise your privacy & data protection rights! By means of this form you can contact Aircall with a request related to your privacy and Aircall’s processing of your personal data, whether and how Aircall uses your personal data.

⚠️ Please note that upon submitting a request via this form, you will receive an authentication email to confirm the request. In case you do not authenticate your request, your request will not be further considered and you will be informed accordingly. In case we have reasonable doubts concerning your identity, we may ask you to provide us with additional information necessary to confirm your identity.

⚠️ Please also note that this form is not designed for requests related to personal data processed by Aircall as a data processor) on behalf of companies subscribed for Aircall product (Aircall’s customers). If you represent Aircall’s customer and you wish Aircall to support you in handling a personal data related request, please reach out to us via the customer support portal.


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