Jobadder Cloud Phone System Integration

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Easily connect Aircall with JobAdder to sync inbound and outbound phone calls with your applicant management system. With this integration, teams work more efficiently, save precious time, and have more personalized conversations with every candidate.

Automatically logs your calls

All direct phone calls are automatically logged as Notes in JobAdder, including essential details about the call, as well as the name of the Aircall line that was used. You can even sync any tags, comments, call duration, and a link to the call recording directly to the JobAdder platform. Save time in your recruitment process with Aircall, as no manual data entry is required.

A snapshot of the caller details

As soon as your phone rings, Aircall will directly link to the incoming caller’s details in JobAdder. This means that your sales and recruiting teams can instantly see the caller’s name and information which will allow them to have a more informed and up-to-date conversation.

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