JobAdder + Aircall: Bringing Experiences to Life

JobAdder + Aircall:  Bringing Experiences to Life

Hiring employees toes the line between art and science. Finding the right people for the job takes more than scouring stacks of resumes. Getting top performers in the door requires a mix of talent, time, and technology.

However, when it comes to recruiting practices, what worked last year, may not be what works this year. Modern-day recruiters rely on ever-evolving technology to satisfy a constantly changing workplace. That means being on top of your game.

JobAdder, a recruitment software company based in Sydney, Australia is focused on using innovative and intuitive software to help recruiters work faster and smarter. Their web-based platform empowers recruiters through automation, AI, mobile, user experience, and 24/6 customer service.

“We’re passionate about bringing technological innovation to the recruitment industry and get to do so from a collaborative, friendly, fun environment that makes us love coming to work every day.” - Liam Cosgrove, Partnership Manager at JobAdder

Founded in 2007, JobAdder has continued to grow and expand. This team of dynamic problem solvers, big thinkers, and team players now includes over 110 employees, 25% of who work remotely. Regardless of size, they have managed to maintain a company culture teaming with curiosity, empathy, and a desire to continuously improve.

You’re Hired!

Being one step ahead of the game is key to recruiting the best employees. That’s why JobAdder decided to launch their product on a platform that would help them innovate and adapt quickly: the internet.

Being a web-based technology, JobAdder had a big advantage over traditional recruiting software. It was more agile, had mobile-friendly capabilities from the start, and an easy to use interface.

The result? A full-service enterprise solution that streamlines the recruitment process and lets teams do work that adds real human value.

JobAdder integrates with the world’s leading tech platforms and HR software providers, making life easier for recruiters everywhere. And one of the most recent additions to their army of integrations is Aircall.

“Aircall being the first VoIP system JobAdder has partnered with is a huge win for our customers.” - Liam Cosgrove

The Power of Voice

Despite the introduction of email, text messaging, and other technologies, one thing remains the same; recruiters have to get on the phone and talk to candidates.

“We had not worked with a VoIP partner previously, but our customers require a phone system to perform their job. It’s our mission to give our customers a competitive advantage by allowing them to spend less time doing admin tasks and more time focusing on the people element of the recruitment process.” - Liam Cosgrove

Because JobAdder is an application tracking system (ATS) it effectively functions as a CRM. It is the source of truth for a recruiter who needs to get information fast. Jotting down notes and getting candidate info over the phone is part-and-parcel of the job.

Aircall + JobAdder makes that much easier.

“We have been simplifying recruitment for over 12 years. We understand the importance and power of voice as a medium, which is why we are developing our product to have features, like voice commands, to help simplify the recruitment journey.” - Liam Cosgrove

By integrating Aircall and JobAdder, teams will be able to store, record, make notes, and tag conversations with candidates directly from the dashboard. And because the information is synced both ways, a recruiter will always have the most up-to-date information on every candidate during their call.

No more mixing up candidates or looking up notes from previous phone calls to get more context. It’s all available the second the phone rings.

The end result? Empowered recruiters, informed businesses, and happier candidates.

“The feedback we've received about both Aircall and the integration with JobAdder has been overwhelmingly positive.” - Liam Cosgrove

Shifting Gears

After realizing the benefits this integration would bring to their customers, JobAdder set to work on making it a reality. Built through a simple API connection, the integration took about four weeks of development to create. Two weeks of internal testing and implementation later, the integration was ready to go.

“We initially released the integration to our sales team and worked with key team members to transition from our existing phone system to Aircall. The transition was very straight forward.” - Liam Cosgrove

The JobAdder and Aircall integration is not only easy to set up and use, but it also provides a tangible benefit to recruiters and candidates. For admins, it is as simple as logging onto your JobAdder account and clicking “Apps & Add Ons” on the dashboard.

Once you give Aircall permission to integrate with JobAdder you can port existing numbers and even generate a brand new phone number directly from the Aircall dashboard.

How it Works:

Outgoing Calls: Once you integrate Aircall with JobAdder manual dialing is eliminated. You can make one-click calls directly from the JobAdder platform while viewing candidate details and information.

Incoming Calls: No more manually searching for candidate data. Information is instantly pulled when the phone is answered.

Notes: Take notes directly on the Aircall phone during the call. All direct phone calls are automatically logged as a note in JobAdder.

Sync: All tags, comments, call duration, and a link to the call recording can be synced back directly to the JobAdder platform to be viewed and shared.

Going Forward

JobAdder offers amazing 24-hour support, meaning recruiting teams never have to worry about getting stuck or not having their feedback implemented. With a 99.7% satisfaction rating, support and product improvements are a core part of what makes JobAdder stand out from the crowd.

“We actively encourage feedback from our client base and most new product features are based on interviewed use cases, which we consider to be a successful measure of how our product serves real needs of our clients.” - JobAdder Product Team

Ready to try the JobAdder + Aircall integration and start simplifying your recruitment process? You can get started on your Aircall or JobAdder Dashboard.

Looking to build an integration of your own? Aircall is continuing to expand its marketplace of integrations and make it more accessible for teams all over the world to build into our public API. We have the resources to get you started and our product team is always ready to help.