Call Monitoring

With Aircall’s advanced call monitoring and coaching functionality, you can correct agent mistakes and improve your calls with customers and prospects right away.

Monitor calls as they come in

Aircall’s call monitoring software will make training a breeze. View any call your employees are on, listen in, and even offer advice to your agents without disrupting the flow of the conversation. Go beyond call recordings with real-time call monitoring.

Check in on your team’s calls

Call monitoring is a powerful way to ensure agents are providing the best experience possible to customers and prospects. Select calls to monitor directly from your Live Feed and listen in.

Offer constructive call feedback

Don't wait for the call recording. Bring smarter coaching to your team by monitoring high-priority calls as they happen and provide immediate advice with our call whispering functionality.

Promote best call practices

Don't just take their word for it. Make call monitoring an integral part of your day and see for yourself how consistently employees follow scripts and comply with messaging requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a call monitoring software?

    A Call monitoring software is a powerful tool that enables you to listen to live sales and customer facing teams calls in real-time. One step beyond call recording, call monitoring allows you to coach ongoing conversations without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

    With Aircall’s Call Whisper feature, you can speak to reps during their calls and correct mistakes during training, or coach any team member through stressful situations. Customers will not be alerted when the call is being monitored, but the call agent will be notified.

  • What are the benefits of call monitoring?

    Call monitoring is an essential part of quality control and training in any modern business phone system. Frequent call monitoring can significantly boost your overall customer satisfaction and retention. There are multiple benefits to call monitoring and Whispering:

    Training: Listen in during a call and swoop in to give tips or suggestions on how that trainee can better answer the caller's query.

    Quality control: Managers can team up with any reps for critical calls to help them learn practical solutions for stressful situations.

    Performance reviews: After sitting in on a call with a rep, you'll have concrete examples of when an agent performed well, and identify where there's room for improvement.

  • Why is call monitoring important?

    Call monitoring and consistent feedback will help you build a high performing, enthusiastic team. It’s also a great way to build morale for individuals on your team. During a live coaching session, you can identify precisely when a rep demonstrated a great example of customer service or sales tactic. This experience can be used in performance reviews when you want to reward them for excellent work.

    Managers and supervisors will get the opportunity to train in a completely immersive environment, enabling them to build their coaching skills. For sales managers, you’ll have a better idea of how much your sales reps understand the product and whether they’re providing accurate information.

    Through call whispering, you’ll also be able to correct mistakes as they happen. This will, in turn, increase customer satisfaction and retention as they are getting the best information and service—no matter who answers the phone.

  • How does call monitoring work?

    Aircall Admin users can access call monitoring from the Admin Dashboard. You'll have an overview of the ongoing calls in the Activity Feed, and from there, you can select the call you would like to monitor by clicking Coach.

    Once you enter a conversation, your customer service or sales support agent will be notified with a sound during their call and receive a message that "User X is coaching me." The customer will not be alerted on the other end, so the flow of the conversation goes uninterrupted.

    The Coaching feature enables you to listen and Whisper to your teammates during the call. You'll be able to hear both sides of the conversation, and speak to the agent as they handle the customer or prospect. Throughout the call, the representative will still be able to use their normal call functions such as transferring, muting, holding, tagging, commenting, and hanging up. They cannot turn off the Coaching mode.

  • How can I monitor a call?

    Call monitoring is included in Aircall's Professional Plan. If you are an Admin User, access call monitoring through the dashboard. With this feature, you can also speak to the customer support agent without alerting customers. Step-by-step instructions to activate the function are in our Knowledge Base.

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“We started monitoring the call data, looking at what time of day most of the calls were happening and used this to optimize our shifts.”

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