Data & Reporting

Adepsi is a one-of-a-kind legacy and live call recording data solution that will collate historic voice recordings and store alongside current calls.

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Adepsi Call Explorer
Adepsi Audit Trail
Adepsi Dashboard

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App overview

Integrating Adepsi with your Aircall instance enables seamless long term access to your call recordings and associated metadata. In addition, a one time import of your legacy call recordings will allow access to historic and current recording from a single interface. Adepsi leverages AWS services to create a secure, scalable and resilient application infrastructure.

Key benefits

1) Easy to use and highly secure.

2) Single pane of glass to review all current and historical voice recordings.

3) Saves thousands of hours of manual retrieval.

4) Keeps all voice recordings legally compliant, easily accessible and fully auditable.


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