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All your live & legacy customer interaction call recording data in one place. Move your live & legacy customer call recording interactions to the cloud with Adepsi.

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As an Aircall partner, Adepsi are delighted to offer Aircall and their clients a solution which address’ both live & legacy call recording storage, management & retrieval challenges.

App overview

Easy to use and highly secure, Aircall clients integrated with Adepsi, will enjoy an intuitive and highly secure solution which offers a strategic approach to the storage and management of both live & legacy call recording data. Adepsi provides access to current and legacy recordings through a single intuitive interface and leverages AWS services to create a secure, compliant, scalable and resilient application environment to meet customers legal and regulatory requirements.

Key benefits

1) Easy to use and highly secure.

2) Single pane of glass to review all current and historical voice recordings.

3) Saves hours of time associated with the current manual call recording retrieval process.

4) Keeps all call recordings, compliant, easily accessible and fully auditable.


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