The inbound call centre solution for 5-star customer support

Integrate the Aircall inbound call centre software with your helpdesk or CRM, enabling your team to delight your customers.

The inbound call centre solution for 5-star customer support

17,000+ businesses worldwide use Aircall

Have smarter customer conversations

Get context on every call

See the customer’s name and previous interactions as soon as the phone rings with Insight Cards that are integrated with 100+ business tools, including helpdesks and live chat.

Know your customer’s needs before the conversation even begins with drag-and-drop IVR and call routing based on skill set, language, and other custom criteria.

Get context on every call

“Issue resolution is much more effective by phone than by email. It really allows us to explain the situation, and for the customer, hearing a voice just feels more genuine. Not only is resolution time 50% shorter over the phone, it’s also more likely to deliver a positive outcome for both parties.”

Shelley Tasker, Operations Manager at Alternative Airlines

Cut down on manual data entry

Gain hours each week by automatically synchronising call notes and tags to your helpdesk and CRM tool so your agents can spend less time logging information and more time helping customers. Ensure data accuracy by automatically recording all inbound and outbound calls.

Cut down on manual data entry

“It takes a lot of the manual labour away. It automatically generates a log in HubSpot—the user just has to jump in and write in a note and it synchronises to a deal or the contact you’re talking to. In a way, it kind of spoon-feeds our employees and just sets up all the basics.”

Clinton Van Kampen, IT Systems Manager at Beaver Group

Speed up onboarding and monitor performance

In a few clicks, create users and local numbers for countries all around the world. Onboarding is simple with our easy-to-use platform and training features like call whispering and coaching.

Use advanced analytics dashboards, dedicated to topics like inbound and unanswered calls, to better understand your customers’ experience and how your team is performing.

Speed up onboarding and monitor performance

“All it took was one training session, and there were no questions after. Everyone was a bit taken aback by how simple it was to use. From a productivity standpoint, that’s huge.

Charles Rule, Financial Controller at GetGround

Maintain call quality and reliability

Built on AWS with multiple data centres globally, we deliver the highest-quality communications with 99.95% uptime, opus codec audio transmission and dynamic carrier switching.

We offer support via chat, email, and phone from our offices across EMEA, APAC, and North America.

Maintain call quality and reliability

The features customer service leaders love

CRM Integrations

Aircall integrates with your CRM and helpdesk tools to keep all conversations connected.

Call Routing

Direct inbound phone calls to the correct teammates every time by customising distribution and ring rules.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up a smart IVR directory that automatically guides callers to the correct team on their first try.

Business Hours

Set customised schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers is available to receive inbound phone calls.

Warm Transfer

Give your teammates the option to quickly speak to one another before transferring a live call.

Analytics for support teams

Track trends in customer communication, and monitor key metrics like wait time and missed call rate - in one place.

Call Tags & Disposition Codes

Tag calls to give your team all the context it needs for smart decisions and smooth follow-ups.

Activity Feed

Track and manage your team’s call activity and coach in real time from within the Aircall dashboard.

Insight Cards

See more context behind every inbound call by pulling related data from other apps into view.

Frequently asked questions

An inbound call centre software handles incoming calls from customers or businesses who need to contact you. With inbound call centre software, calls can be linked to various external channels, such as a phone number, email address, form, chat channel or your social media accounts. When a person contacts you using one of these channels, the information is sent to your customer support software in real time. Your teams have access to the requests and are able to process them more efficiently.

From their inbound call centre software, your customer relations agents can generally process requests in five steps.

- Create the ticket: when a customer submits a request via one of the channels (phone, email, form, etc.), a ticket is created automatically in the customer support software, which can then, if necessary, be filed in a specific folder according to the type of contact.

- Notify the customer service team: an agent takes the ticket or is assigned the ticket automatically by the inbound call centre software, based on the purpose of the request (claim, product information, etc.) or the type of channel used.

- Answer the request: the agent will attempt to answer the customer’s request. For that purpose, the inbound call centre software may propose a set of standard questions that the agent asks the customer in order to help solve the issue. An agent needing support with the most complicated requests can tag a colleague or transfer the request to them.

- Update customer records: the inbound call centre software can update the customer record or create a new one automatically, provided that the system offers CRM features. The agent can use this information to answer the request.

- Close the ticket: the ticket is closed once the request has been answered. However, the information about the contact is saved in the customer service software so that the history of the conversation with that person can be updated.

By centralising all requests, claims and other questions, inbound call centre software can optimise several aspects of your business.

- More efficient processing: the customer service software dispatches the requests based on their purpose and the channel used. As a result, you can assign contacts to an agent qualified to handle this type of request. As well as providing a better answer, you will reduce the risk of missing a request and the processing time.

- Better customer relations follow-up: all the information about your customers and prospects is centralised in your software. You can use it to improve the quality of your response while better-identifying callers.

- Optimisation of performance analytics: customer support software generally has performance indicators (customer satisfaction, response time, etc.) that you can use to assess how well your agents handle requests and to optimise your customer service activity.

- Valuable data: the information collected can also be used for sales purposes. In addition to the customer service department, the sales or marketing department can use this information for an advertising campaign or a promotional event.

The right inbound call centre software can provide huge benefits to your business, so you should choose it carefully. Here are three tips to follow:

  • Identify your requirements: determine how you will use the software, how experienced your agents are and your budget to choose the solution that best fits your requirements.

  • Assess the features: identify the features required for your business based on your expectations (customised interface, managing cascading calls, automated reporting, online knowledge platform, chatbot, etc.).

  • Check compatibility: your inbound call centre software must be compatible with your other digital solutions. Tools, such as your phone service, ERP, database, e-commerce site, etc., all need to synchronise with your software to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

An inbound call is when someone contacts a company, for whatever reason: product information, a claim, a booking, etc. Your customer service software can handle your inbound calls.

The best way to improve the handling of inbound calls is to connect your customer support software to a phone service that uses VoIP technology. This technology allows you to harness the potential of broadband and benefit from many additional features.

If you choose Aircall, your calls are connected to your customer service software directly. As well as enabling you to process tickets and store customer information more efficiently, it means you can also benefit from many additional features to improve the handling of inbound calls with:

Ask for a demo to find out how Aircall can help you to optimise the handling of inbound calls.

The main advantage of Aircall’s solution is its compatibility with most customer service and CRM software, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Front and Microsoft Dynamics. While the process of integration with CTI Aircall may vary depending on the software you use, it’s very simple:

  • Log in to Aircall’s dashboard

  • Click on ‘Integrations‘ then ‘Add an integration‘ and select your customer-support software from the list

  • Select the numbers you wish to pair

  • Fill in the address of your sub-domain, if any

  • Provide the information about your company and paste it in the Aircall form

  • Configure the app according to your requirements

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