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Aggregate Aircall phone events and call details as a source for your data warehouse

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Connect Aircall with Segment to build a richer, single view of the customer that includes phone call history. Aggregate Aircall events and call data as a source for your data warehouse.

Sync phone data to your data warehouse

With this integration, sync selected details from calls made with Aircall with your customer data kept in Segment. Then integrate that phone data with your favorite tools to unify user history from across a variety of tools or channels, and use that information to deliver personalized experiences and win more business.

Every Aircall event can be pushed to Segment

Select the Aircall events that you want to push to Segment. All Aircall events can be a source including Call events (e.g. call answered, call ended, etc.), User events (e.g. user connected, user disconnected, etc.), Number events (e.g. number created, etc.). To see the full list of Aircall events click here.

Unify your data from different touchpoints

Here are 3 use-cases to consider to help you get started. Unify all of the touchpoints with your customers into one view (e.g. chats, calls, product interaction). Track agent performance from different channels on a single dashboard (e.g. Zendesk, Intercom, Aircall, etc.). Or build richer customer personas using call history and interactions (e.g. identify at-risk customers based on how many times they’ve called you).

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