Improve agent productivity and performance through data-driven coaching and feedback

  • Improve agent productivity and performance through data-driven coaching and feedback
  • Benchmark agent performance through omni-channel Quality Assurance
  • Understand how the customer experience is impacted by support or something outside the agents’ control, and knowing how to fix those issues


MaestroQA is an omnichannel customer service quality assurance platform. Its flexibility enables support teams to design quality programs tailored to meet their business goals. It helps managers improve efficiency and training, and helps the support team as a whole with CSAT, FCR, and AHT.

MaestroQA + Aircall

MaestroQA is a cloud based, omni-channel platform that enables QA managers to listen to call recordings and leave targeted agent feedback. The ticket auditing workflow is efficient, targeted, and results in more effective agent coaching to improve support KPIs including CSAT, FCR, and AHT.

Key Benefits

Omni-channel QA

Grade customer interactions across phone and other support channels, and view reporting across all channels and team members. (Improve CX & Agent Productivity)

Call Annotations

Leave time-stamped feedback on customer service calls to provide actionable and effective agent coaching. (Improve CX & Agent Productivity)


Customers leverage reporting capabilities to identify key areas of improvement for both individual agents and the team as whole. (Make better, data-driven decisions)

Automated Grading Assignments

Automated grading assignments serve graders the correct tickets at the correct time, and can show you the tickets that will meaningfully impact your quality program. (Drive efficiency)

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