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Connect Aircall to Reecall to give an instant answer to all your inbound calls thanks to our conversational AI. Ensure customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

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Monitor conversation satisfaction and ROI
Monitor conversation satisfaction and ROI
Create workflow post conversation to improve self care process.
Automatically tag all conversation with their most relevant content

Reecall is a start-up whose ambition is to to transform any customer conversation into a source of growth. Since 2019, Reecall has been automating the management of inbound calls thanks to its proprietary conversational AI. The power of its algorithm allows it to understand callers' requests and achieve up to 70% resolution in real time.

Automated scenarios integrated with business tools allowing you to go beyond the conversation. Reecall has developed a virtual assistant powered with an artificial intelligence capable of understanding customers' intentions and providing them with a contextualized and enriched response in natural language. Reecall's algorithm has been designed to adapt to all industries, allowing it to solve problems as diverse as making an appointment, changing an order or declaring a theft.

Reecall + Aircall: Key Benefits

Deliver a self care experience to your inbound calls:

Regardless of timing and volume, Reecall welcomes your customers without waiting time and qualifies their needs. Automatic topic tag Automatic ticket assignation Live transfer.

Reecall automates up to 70% of requests. Our tool recognizes the customer and processes simple requests in natural language:

Easy and no-code setup Integration of knowledge bases Enabling your RPA processes.

Multiply your team productivity. Focus on advising your customers and save time on request processin:

Context transmitted before picking up Automated suggestions of quick actions Post-call enrichment.

Reach customer success in the first week. Monitor your contact center ROI and achieve excellence:

Accurate understanding of customer requests Monitor the productivity of reecall and your team Identify your performance levers.


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