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Zoho CRM Cloud Phone System Integration

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Connect Aircall with Zoho CRM to increase sales productivity and efficiency. Reps save time with automatic call logging and have easy access to lead and contact profiles to have more personalized conversations.

Log calls automatically

All calls are automatically logged as Activities in Zoho CRM along with key details about the call and the name of the Aircall line that was used. Call comments and a link to the call recording is synced to Contact or Lead profiles. There’s no manual data entry needed.

View caller details at a glance

Every incoming call in Aircall will link to caller and deal information in Zoho CRM as soon as the phone rings. As such, reps can be prepared to have more informed, relevant conversations right away. If the caller does not yet have a record in Zoho CRM, you can choose to create a new Contact profile.

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