Listen to your calls and go straight to what matters: what was said about pricing?

  • Listen to your calls and go straight to what matters: what was said about pricing?
  • See what your top performers are doing differently and how they're handling objections.
  • Analyze your call data to see how many calls mention a competitor.


Modjo helps Sales Rep and Sales managers to analyse their sales conversations so they can have better conversations and close more deals.

Data Driven Coaching

Understand precisely what your top performers are doing differently : what keywords, what questions, what pitch are they using and coach these learnings to the rest of your team. Transform the way you drive your coaching session with data driven recommendations.

Unlock the sales conversations black box

Find keywords in any sales conversation. What are the top objections your sales are facing? Do they use the appropriate script? Are they selling all your products or features?

Follow the evolution of your sales rep

Make sure your sales reps are using the best practices you've worked on the last coaching session. What are the difficulties they encounter? Do they listen enough? Are they asking enough questions?

How to configure your Modjo integration

The Aircall - Modjo integration is very easy to set up. Before you start, make sure you have access to your Modjo account and access to Aircall with Admin permissions.

Step 1: Grant Modjo access to Aircall

Go to
Click on “Grant access to Aircall”
Click on Authorize

Step 2: Add Modjo to your Aircall Webhooks

Go to Aircall
Click on Integrations from the left menu bar
Find and click on the Modjo integration
Click to add the desired Aircall number(s) to the Modjo integration. You can add or remove numbers at any time.

Aircall calls will be imported and transcripted in Modjo automatically. Only calls that lasted for more than 2 minutes and with two speakers will be imported to Modjo.

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