AI & Transcription

Leexi is a Conversational Analysis tool that transcribes and analyzes your calls and meetings.

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Leexi Dashboard
Leexi Dashboard
Leexi library
Leexi stats screen
Leexi detection and analytics

Leexi enables you to improve your sales team’s performance, by giving you relevant insights.

App overview

Leexi gathers all your call & meeting recordings in one place. It links your recordings to the deals & customers from your CRM. Topic detection and analytics help you understand what is talked about, what works, and what needs to be improved.

Activating the Leexi-Aircall integration will allow you to automatically import your teams’ calls and tags in Leexi.

Key benefits

  • Automatically output the transcript and analyse the performance of the best salespeople

  • A feedback section with the possibility for your team to add comments on specific sections of a call, and to tag teammates.

  • A Library tool to organize your calls as you wish.

  • Custom email alerts, based on keywords, topics, deal value and more, to let you know when your expectations are met.


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