Data & Reporting

ClicData is an end-to-end, 100% cloud based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform suitable for any size business to manage their data and easily generate live dashboards with the most up-to-date data and make informed decisions faster.

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ClicData application allows you to import your Aircall data such as Calls, Contacts or Users and manipulate these data to create individual and team performance dashboards and reports. You can also combine Aircall data with your CRM, customer support, and marketing campaigns to create that single source of truth for your customer data and better understand the performance of your teams throughout the entire customer journey. 

  • Data Integration

    We connect to any data, anywhere. From cloud applications, databases or flat files, you can leverage all your company data. With our Smart Connectors, your datasets are automatically formatted and ready to be used.

  • Data Management & Analytics

    Turn messy data into structured, actionable and reliable data.
    Build your own data warehouse/data lake in ClicData, cleanse and transform your data with built-in ETL features. Go beyond your collected data analysis and do trending and forecasting, or do predictive analytics by integrating your ML and AI algorithms and tools. 

  • Data Visualization

    Build dashboard with over 70 interactive and fully customizable visualization widgets and pre-built filters.

  • Data & Dashboard Sharing

    ClicData enables teams to become data-centric and data-driven by aligning every stakeholders on a single source of truth. Share the most up-to-date data and dashboards with your team, management, board or customers with live links, via automated email, PDF or excel for further data exploration.  


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