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Offer end-to-end voice support right from the comfort of your Gmail inbox with the Hiver-Aircall integration. Manage all Aircall voice calls and voicemails centrally.

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Hiver is a Gmail-based helpdesk, which lets you manage your customer emails, chats, WhatsApp queries and calls from one single place within the comfort of Gmail.

With Hiver-Aircall integration, your team can effortlessly initiate outgoing calls, receive incoming calls/voicemails, and log & manage them within Hiver.
- Initiate calls, receive incoming calls, capture missed calls and voicemails, and log all these in your voice inbox

- Create visibility of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from customers

- Create accountability by assigning calls if they require follow-ups and closely track the status of each conversation

- Resolve conversations faster by viewing context-rich information like Aircall tags, notes, and recordings/voicemails on Hiver


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