SugarCRM by BrainSell


Bi-directionally sync data between Aircall and SugarCRM. Built by BrainSell.

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SugarCRM by BrainSell
Gain a bidirectional data flow between Aircall and SugarCRM.

BrainSell is a SugarCRM Elite partner who has developed a comprehensive Sugar/Aircall integration. The Aircall Plugin for SugarCRM is a quick and efficient way to connect your cloud-based phone system with your CRM instance. The goal is to make salespeoples’ lives easier by offering a simple solution to bi-directionally sync data between Aircall and SugarCRM.

Now, sales reps can easily update CRM records with call data, all while removing the need to hop between systems to keep lead and account records up to date.

Key Benefits

Seamless, Real-Time Data Sync

The Aircall Plugin for Sugar Sell syncs all your call engagement data between the two platforms. This enables companies to keep Sugar Sell up to date while positioning reps to continue engaging prospects appropriately within Aircall.

Reduce Workflow Complexities

By allowing users to create, update, and convert leads inside of Aircall, you ensure that no data is slipping through the cracks due to human error. Removing the complexity of manual data entry and migration lets reps focus on selling while guaranteeing data is always up to date.

All Your Data, Right Where You Need It

Having accurate data continuously synced between Aircall and Sugar Sell leads to a better understanding of buyer expectations, as well as a clear understanding of their path to purchase. This positions reps to offer consistently genuine and personalized customer experiences with the right messaging based on past phone calls.


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