Connect Aircall with Callingly to speed up your sales team’s reaction time and automatically call every new lead within seconds.

When a new lead is added to your CRM, Callingly immediately calls your sales team until an agent picks up and then dials the lead automatically through Aircall. You can also have Callingly send a notification to your sales team about new leads, and have your agent click-to-dial the leads.

Call every new lead in seconds

With Callingly, you can guarantee that every lead will get a call and get connected in less than 30 seconds if an agent is available.

Set schedules and route leads intelligently

Route leads automatically based on individual agent schedules, categories, and territories to make sure every lead gets an immediate response from the right person.

Automatic retries make sure you reach every lead

Automatically schedule call retries and follow-up calls on a custom schedule to make sure that your team closes every deal, even if the lead comes in after-hours.