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Integrate Aircall with Pepper Cloud CRM and get all your call information on one centralised platform. Log calls, notes, and tags automatically and access a consolidated view of your customer interactions. Analyse calls at scale with the CRM dashboard.

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Pepper Cloud CRM

App overview

Pepper Cloud CRM and Aircall integration offers new ways for sales and support teams to connect with their customers. It streamlines call workflows, assists in personalizing calls, and boosts call productivity.

Aircall + Pepper Cloud key benefits

Manage phone calls directly from CRM with Aircall: Enable your teams to make outbound calls, receive inbound calls, and track missed calls right from the CRM. With just a click, start talking with your customers or receive calls from within CRM right away.  

Add context to conversations: Get an overview of customer details before you initiate the call with the help of a caller insight card. With a simple click, access the complete customer conversation history and obtain the maximum context needed for pre-sales qualification or successful deal closure.

Avoid manual data entry: Facilitate your team to skip the manual data entry and focus on conversations. With Aircall and CRM integration, log calls, notes, tags, and other details and associate them with the respective caller records, automatically. 

Call insights and reporting: Gain deeper call insights and actionable steps by integrating Aircall data with Pepper Cloud dashboards. Get details on total calls, missed calls, average waiting duration and more.

Other features to maximise your efficiency 

Pepper Cloud CRM is a comprehensive sales CRM designed to help businesses manage and streamline their sales, opportunities, accounts, and customer interactions. Here is how it can supercharge your team to enhance their productivity.

WhatsApp-integrated CRM: Pepper Cloud CRM enables you to seamlessly communicate with customers through WhatsApp when your leads or clients are unable to attend a call.  

Sales management: Pepper Cloud CRM allows you to manage your sales effectively by keeping track of your sales activities, and allowing you to forecast sales. 

Workflow automation: You can set up workflows within Pepper Cloud CRM that automatically trigger when you miss an incoming call. With workflow automation, you can send out WhatsApp messages to schedule a call at a later time. 

Automatic Lead capture: Capture unknown numbers automatically and instantly convert them into Leads or Contacts with Pepper Cloud CRM. Save your valuable time and ensure no leads slip through the cracks. 

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