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Conversive revolutionizes the way businesses engage with customers through unified calling and smart messaging solutions.

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About Conversive:

Conversive, evolving from SMS-Magic, empowers industries with personalized communication across the customer lifecycle. With over 15 years of experience and advanced messaging technology, Conversive enhances engagement in finance, healthcare, education, and professional services. The integration of advanced messaging and AI technology ensures seamless, secure conversations, connecting businesses with customers at every touchpoint. Embrace intelligent messaging with Conversive to transform customer interactions.

Aircall & Conversive

Conversive and Aircall integration delivers an intelligent solution for using existing calling numbers for both voice communication and messaging, including SMS and WhatsApp. This integration simplifies customer interactions and enhances engagement across channels by providing a unified platform for communication needs.

Integration features

  • Unified Communication System: Use Aircall numbers for calls and SMS, creating a cohesive communication experience that reinforces brand consistency.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Customers can choose voice calls, SMS, or WhatsApp messaging through a single number, improving their journey and responsiveness.

  • Diverse Messaging Capabilities: Integrates WhatsApp business messaging, allowing connections with customers globally on a widely used platform using a single number.

  • Streamlined Integration Process: Quick adoption with minimal technical requirements enables faster deployment of superior communication strategies.

  • Assured Data Security and Regulatory Compliance: Adheres to global data protection regulations with multiple server endpoints, ensuring compliance and maintaining customer trust.

Key benefits

  • Consistent Communication Experience: Utilize your existing Aircall numbers for both calls and texts, ensuring consistent communication.

  • Multichannel Messaging Experience: Activate additional communication channels like WhatsApp using the same number, enhancing customer interaction capabilities.

  • Simple Integration: Quick and easy setup with Aircall allows your business to promptly provide a comprehensive communication solution.

  • Data Privacy & Compliance: Adherence to stringent data privacy laws through secure regional server endpoints, ensuring data protection and upholding trust with your customers.


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