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Transform your contact center performance by 3X and foster higher ROI using Convin’s AI-powered contact center software.

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About Convin

Convin is an AI-backed Full-Stack Conversations QA platform for contact centers. The conversation analysis offers 100% omnichannel conversation audit, winning behavior analysis, and last-mile agent coaching.

App overview

Convin is an AI-backed contact center software that uses conversation intelligence to record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations. Convin supports omnichannel contact centers and performs quality audits across calls, chats, and emails. It is your one-stop solution to 3X your contact center performance by improving agent performance holistically, boosting customer experience, and increasing your contact center ROI. Convin integrates with Aircall to give complete visibility into every deal. It captures and analyses all your customer conversations, collects all your call recordings to give you transcripts and insights from every customer interaction.

Key benefits Aircall +

Capture and transcribe conversations

Convin captures your customer conversations by using its in-house, patented speech-to-text engine to generate 100% accurate transcription.

Conversation Intelligence

Convin analyzes the conversation for deal intelligence, opportunities, best sales practices, customer intelligence, and more to help sales reps effectively engage with the customers.

Automated Quality Assurance

Convin performs automated call audits so you can spend less time finding errors and more time fixing them. It gives you a detailed view on call insights and quality & performance metrics.

Automated agent coaching

Derive insights from call quality and factor analysis to provide personalized agent coaching automatically–removing human dependency–and encouraging high performance and high reward culture.


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