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With Whaly, you can centralize your business data effortlessly and get a consolidated view of your business.

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Easily connect Aircall to Whaly
Easily connect Aircall to Whaly
Ask questions to the software with the interactive dashboards.
Create filterable dashboards and share them with your stakeholders

Whaly is a France based company founded by data veterans. Our mission is to build the tools so that anyone can become a Data Analyst.

Whaly is a no code Business Intelligence, meant for anyone. It connect directly to your business tools, give you the tools to prepare your data and build beautiful dashboard on top of it.

When connecting Aircall with Whaly, your Aircall data will be synced to your Data Warehouse and plugged into Whaly so that people can build dashboards on top of them and consolidate them with the rest of them (CRM, etc.)

Whaly & Aircall key benefits:

Data sync:

Whaly is syncing all your data, from your databases, CRM, support, Analytics and finance tools so that you can get an holistic view of your data

No coding

With our no-code approach, you can model your data without requiring a deep knowledge of SQL so that more people can get insights from the data.

Easy to use interface

Our Exploration engine provide a fast and easy way of getting answers for decision makers with a point & click interface

Interactive dashboards

Our interactive dashboards can be shared accross all your stakeholders so that everyone is aligned on the same metrics"


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