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Aircall customers can use Enthu’s speech AI and conversation intelligence to empower calling teams to speed up their call QA process by 10X, surface multiple coaching opportunities and build a collaborative team culture.

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Enthu.AI is a speech AI and conversation intelligence platform for contact centers and calling teams. It deploys sophisticated NLP algorithms and voice AI techniques to auto transcribe every call to help you derive actionable intelligence out of it, resulting in better agent coaching and training opportunities.

Aircall + Enthu

Aircall customers can now avail the power of Enthu’s speech AI and conversation intelligence starting at just $30 per agent. Enthu empowers calling teams to speed up their call QA process by 10X, thus surfacing multiple coaching opportunities and building a collaborative team culture.

Key Benefits

Automated call QA across all your Aircall conversations. This removes the luck factor (aka random sampling of calls), thus offering 100% call QA coverage.

Enthu automatically flags the calls that should be prioritized for hearing by the QA teams, thus saving lots of call listening time. A 30 mins call can be analyzed in less than a minute.

Surface out critical call moments that can be used as starting parameters for coaching & training(e.g. compliance gaps, customer objections, competitor naming, sales pitch etc.)

Share feedback across teams and bookmark calls for internal hearing.

What customers say

"Enthu helped us improve rep performance and raise our win average by almost 15%; all by listening to the calls that actually matter."

Chitranshu Sharma
Founder & Head of Sales at Woo Technologies


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