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Flip your phone into a modern Voice experience.

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Flip your phone into a modern Voice experience.

With Voice, you can stop hiding from your customers and start driving LTV in a new and unique channel - with endless scale and unlimited possible conversations.

Flip automates the simple calls so your agents can focus on the complex issues - saving their sanity, reducing your churn rate, and satisfying your customers rapidly all at once.

The Flip Aircall application allows users to easily integrate Flip’s Voice Assistant into their call center. With a few simple clicks, Aircall customers will have access to Voice automation all within their Aircall and Flip dashboards.

Flip + Aircall key benefits:

Voice automation made easy

Flip’s Voice automation reduces agent call volume, Average Handle Time (AHT), missed calls, and cost per call, all while improving KPIs across the board. And the best part? Our performance-based pricing means you only pay for the calls we successfully handle, $0 to integrate, $0 to implement, and we can be up and running in 30 minutes so you can start seeing results on Day 1.

Integrated AI + human experience

Enable call forwarding between Flip and Aircall once and you are all set up. Calls are then captured in both Aircall’s and Flip’s dashboards, including transcriptions of voicemails received after hours.

One-click plugin, one big win - no additional integrations or tech lift necessary

There is no flow building, script writing, custom integration, or paying professional services teams to do it all for you. Aircall customers can access the prebuilt integration with Flip, and it works right out-of-the-box.


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