lemlist integration

Add a cold call to your multichannel sequence with lemlist.
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    Add a call to your multichannel sequence

    • Add a call to your multichannel sequence
    • Conduct a cold call
    • Keep track of your tasks and calls


    lemlist is a multi-channel sales automation platform that helps sales teams, agencies, and growth marketers build relationships across multiple channels and get replies.

    Aircall + lemlist

    lemlist helps its users to connect with prospective customers across multiple channels (mail, LinkedIn, Call etc…) in a meaningful and personalized way without sacrificing consistency and ability to do it at scale.

    lemlisters can relax knowing they’re engaging with prospects at the right time and place and ensure their campaigns avoid spam by automatically warming-up their email domains.

    Advanced personalization features additionally ensure the message cuts through the noise and adds a much-needed personal touch to get replies.

    Key Benefits

    Auto email warm-up → Automatically warm up your email domains to ensure the emails land in the primary inbox and avoid spam

    Multi-channel approach → Connect with prospects across multiple channels at scale without sacrificing consistency and ability to reach out at scale

    Automated lead generation → Import leads from LinkedIn directly to your lemlist campaign and personalize on the go

    Image personalization → Get prospect’s attention by inserting custom text and company logos into images within your emails

    Video and Dynamic landing pages - Embed videos to custom landing pages in your emails to schedule meetings and drive more sales

    Hear what customers say

    • We had massive success using lemlist to grow our sales pipeline. When you work with a good company and they help you become more successful, I can just highly recommend them."

      Gabriel Frasconi

      SE Director