Shopify Phone System Integration

Connect Aircall and Shopify for instant access to your customer’s details the moment the phone rings. Order information is displayed right in the Aircall app, so agents have a head start in resolving the customer’s issue.

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Get customer details from Shopify before you pick up the phone

No need to say “Give me a minute while I pull up your information.”

With the Aircall + Shopify integration, the customer’s name, email, previous orders and tracking number will be displayed on the screen along with links to parcel tracking, customer page, and order details.
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Go to the customer’s Shopify profile in just one click

Get a more detailed view of your customer and perform relevant actions during your call.

By taking manual searches out of your workflow, your team can save up to two minutes per call – letting your agents focus on delighting your customers with a quicker, more personal support experience.
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