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    Integrate Aircall + EvaluAgent and create a central repository of calls. Filter on custom fields, meta data and rep to unlock conversational insight.

    • Integrate Aircall + EvaluAgent and create a central repository of calls. Filter on custom fields, meta data and rep to unlock conversational insight.
    • Effortlessly playback calls and evaluate rep performance through customisable scorecards. Leave real-time feedback so reps can improve on their very next call. Great for onboarding new reps!
    • Drill-down into the detail. See performance improve and identify knowledge gaps visually to personalise coaching.
    • Add some friendly competition with Leaderboards and bespoke reports! Filter by overall performance or most improved.
    • Encourage reps to acknowledge their feedback and quickly share dashboards with senior stakeholders.


    Launched in 2012, EvaluAgent supports over 11,000 users in customer service, sales and support teams across a variety of sectors including in financial services, insurance, utilities and online retail.

    Providing an AI-powered Quality Assurance and Improvement platform, we work with customer support, sales and service teams across the globe. We help them evaluate their teams consistently and efficiently, whilst increasing the performance of staff and improving customer satisfaction.

    EvaluAgent + Aircall

    The EvaluAgent & Aircall integration will allow you to easily evaluate calls and provide insightful, timely feedback to the agent who responded to the customer.

    EvaluAgent makes it easy to evaluate the performance of sales and service agents, produce detailed reports, and quickly highlight opportunities for coaching.

    Improve the productivity of Quality Assurance Teams by up to 58% so they can spend more time increasing the performance of your sales, customer support and service operation.

    Key Benefits

    1) Import conversations in real-time and review them faster

    Build your own filters (ie: contacts with VIP support) and import them from Aircall to EvaluAgent in real-time. This removes the need for duplicate data-entry, freeing up valuable time within your team.

    2) Reduce selection bias by randomly assigning calls to be reviewed

    Using automated work queues and custom rules, EvaluAgent enables leaders to assign and distribute calls automatically - reducing selection bias and adding more rigour to your internal processes.

    3) Reduce the number of missed opportunities through feedback and coaching

    Through more personalized feedback and coaching, agents and sales reps become more knowledgeable and improve their questioning techniques. This leads to better conversations with customers - higher close rates for sales teams and improved first contact resolution within service teams.

    4) Gamify feedback and performance improvement

    Agents get access to their very own version of EvaluAgent. This allows them to take charge of their own performance improvement with leaderboards and notifications that positively reinforces “what great looks like” and publicly recognises the top and most improved performers.

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