FLG Cloud Phone System Integration

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Connect Aircall and FLG to keep your call activity logged in your CRM. Quickly access customer information from your CRM on Aircall.

Log call activity in FLG CRM

Automatic call note creation saves your reps time by getting rid of manual entry and allows them to focus on delivering quality customer experiences. Access to past call recordings captured by Aircall is available straight from a lead page as well, helping teams to have important contextual history and managers to assess every conversation.


Clicking on a telephone number in FLG CRM will send it straight to the Aircall dialer to save you time when making outbound calls.

Contextual information

For inbound calls, key caller information is displayed on Aircall via Insight Cards, such as the caller’s name, lead status, and a link straight to the lead page for more information.

Call matching

If a customer calls you from a telephone number that you already have recorded on multiple leads, or from an alternative or withheld number, the number matching feature allows you to link call notes and recordings to the correct lead during or after the call.

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