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Voyc is an AI-powered conversation intelligence and compliance monitoring solution tailored for continuous improvement in customer-facing operations.

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App overview

Voyc offers a tailored solution specifically for financial services companies with customer-facing teams of 10+ agents. By monitoring 100% of customer interactions and promptly flagging potential issues, Voyc empowers firms with a proactive approach to customer service and regulatory compliance. The insights derived from these interactions serve as the foundation for comprehensive Management Information (MI) reporting and targeted agent training. This fosters an internal business culture centred around continuous improvement, leading to enhanced customer experiences and reduced operational risks. Renowned globally, Voyc sets the standard for precision and excellence in sectors ranging from pensions and investments to mortgages, protection, credit, and collections.

Voyc features

Comprehensive monitoring: Voyc monitors 100% of customer interactions, providing an unmatched level of consistency and care.

Near-real-time alerts: With Voyc, compliance teams can promptly identify customers in need of additional care and support,  elevating the overall standard of customer experience.

Efficiency through automation: Voyc's powerful workflows enable swift action from insights, ensuring that high-risk cases are recognised instantly.

Safeguard Compliance: In an era where consumer protection is paramount, Voyc aids firms in minimising the risk of compliance breaches.

Operational Excellence: Voyc's no-capacity-limit feature ensures that all interactions are automatically monitored, promoting quality assurance and efficiency.

Seamless Integration: Voyc integrates seamlessly with Aircall, offering added functionality and value.

Aircall + Voyc key benefits

With near real-time processing of calls, alerts can be triggered and calls assessed as soon as recordings become available. This enables swift action and responses from your team.


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