How Plecto Sales Reps Increase Productivity By Using Aircall

How Plecto Sales Reps Increase Productivity By Using Aircall



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Collecting, organizing and arranging data across multiple systems into actionable reports can be a difficult task for some companies. This is why Plecto was started. Founded in 2012, Plecto’s software consolidates data and analytics from numerous systems and organizes it into simplified, meaningful reports. With Plecto, businesses can easily build customized dashboards from various sources to be able to better track performance through metrics. Plecto’s software eliminates the manual painstaking process of data transfer into spreadsheets.

As a scaling business with a growing international presence, Plecto used to be reliant on using mobile phones to conduct business. This left them with several data and productivity limitations. When Plecto came to Aircall, they were eager to learn about how a cloud phone system would help make their sales teams more productive by giving greater functionality through a more agile product.

After finding success with Aircall, we wanted to figure out what the secret sauce was that was driving Plecto’s growth. We recently sat down with Plecto’s Partner Manager, Genesis Garcia, and Sales Development Manager, Mortimer Smith about how using Aircall with the Salesforce integration transformed their business.

“The most important app we use is Salesforce. We track the customer journey, communication, and the data that feeds into it so it’s accessible the next time we interact with the customer.” Mortimer

Keep business systems interconnected

When their search started, Genesis said they were looking for a modern phone system that was more advanced and offered them greater capabilities. While doing their research, they realized that cloud telephony was scalable, easy to implement, and keeps applications and business systems interconnected. After learning about the many advantages of Aircall, especially the Salesforce integration, which was important because it was their existing CRM platform, they were eager to give Aircall a try.

“We were using physical phones - mobile phones from another provider, but I’d say it’s better and newer to have a cloud-based phone system.” Genesis

Sales Teams Increase Efficiency and Productivity with the Salesforce Integration

Plecto’s sales team members use Salesforce for the better part of the day. Mortimer points out how much easier it is to personalize calls with prospects using Aircall. The integration displays all the prospect details and their history of interactions. When Mortimer and the other sales team members answer the call, they’re ready to have a meaningful conversation. He says:

“We sync calls and data during and after phone calls. The integration also automatically pulls a clients name, contact information, and company details! When they call we can now answer based on who they are and why they are calling.”

Mortimer also explained that the sales reps can now take notes and add tags to calls, and it all syncs right into Salesforce. Having the right information at their fingertips tells sales reps the best times to contact prospects so they’re receptive to engaging in conversation.

In addition to sales teams, Plecto’s customer success teams further leverage the Aircall & Salesforce integration to understand each customer’s story before they begin the onboarding process.

Key Phone Features to Simplify Daily Sales Activities

The most highly favored Aircall features are the power dialer, click-to-dial, and warm transfer according to Mortimer. “The ability to use the power dialer from within Salesforce from one call to another and then contact sync & call notes sync is incredibly helpful, and the Aircall CTI is great for those purposes.”

With a new remote world of work, Genesis mentioned that about half of Plecto’s employees now don’t work from the office. Having a single system for internal communication makes life easier and teams have noticed how sales reps’ performance have improved as a result of having access to insights into calls. She further adds:

“We now can track the quantity & duration of calls each rep is making including inbound and outbound calls. At the end of the call, the integration with Salesforce means it’s faster to make progress with new clients and whether they’re ready to buy.”

Genesis also noted that they track things like agent availability, the number of incoming calls, average wait time, and average call duration. They break the data down by individual team members and teams, and the KPIs for each.

“With Aircall, we can track everything through advanced dashboards. Things like, how many calls sales reps made this month versus last month and when the busiest hours are. These are precisely the data points that physical phones don’t give you, and these are critical performance metrics for us.” Genesis

Plecto’s sales reps benefit greatly from the click-to-dial and power dialing features which save them time. Also, they like the warm transfer feature so they can speak to another rep before transferring calls.

The Impact of Making the Switch to a Cloud Phone System

After implementing Aircall, Genesis feels that the company is moving as one with all departments working together efficiently. Every customer facing team member has an Aircall number, which means all calls are routed or forwarded to the right teams to provide a consistent caller experience.

Cross-functional collaboration with teams has helped them win deals, demonstrate value to their clients, and bridge gaps.

“Aircall is critical to us, we use it all the time. I use the softphone during the workday and take advantage of the mobile app when I work outside. We use it for inbound/outbound sales and support, and success teams use it all the time.” Mortimer

Overall, Genesis and Mortimer couldn’t be happier with Aircall because of the productivity and operational value it brings to the Plecto team.

"A business phone system should do more than just call. This is what Aircall does for us. The ease of the integration with Salesforce and other systems is why we think this Aircall is so great." Genesis

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